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Orange Flowers: 19 Types and Pictures

Orange Roses

Vitalizing and visually stimulating, orange flowers bring cheerful energy to the garden. The color palette of orange flowers is diverse, from bright, bold snapdragons to gentle, flushed Frangipani. Orange flowers captivate with their bursts of color. They add depth and allure to the garden landscape, creating focal points, and charisma. These are the most popular orange flowers in gardens today:

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

Snapdragon is a graceful flower that represents growth. This tall flower is the right choice if you need something that stands out. Use snapdragons in events where someone is turning a new page in their life or embarking on anew, exciting journey.

Pot Marigold

Pot Marigolds originate from  Northern Mediterranean countries and represent sunshine and fire.  Marigold petals are a delicious and appealing addition to a salad. The name, Calendula, or “little-calendar,” refers to how the flower blooms with every new moon, or once a month.

Por Marigold

Photo by Woliul Hasan


The Frangipani flower is often presented to welcome guests and invite them to stay. It symbolizes hospitality, devotion, and strength. Frangipanis flowers radiate a rich perfume and their blooms are a unique blend orange, pink, yellow and red hues.


Rose is a classic flower that comes in a variety of hues. When you choose to send an orange rose to someone, you are sending a message of friendship and enthusiasm. You can also choose this flower to thank someone for something that they have done for you or simply for being in your life.


The Chinese believe that poppies are malevolent, as their calendar refers to these cheerful flowers as the harbingers of evil. It is also thought by the Chinese that these flowers signify the loss of control of one’s wicked urges.  Poppies also symbolize oblivion and sleep. Regardless of Chinese beliefs, Poppies are great flowers to have in your garden. Watching them nod in the breeze is relaxing and rejuvenating.


If you are giving flowers to someone with whom you share a long-lasting bond, then Alstroemerias are a perfect choice. They convey mutual support and devotion.  Give your friends the encouragement they need to reach their life-goals with this flower.


The Zinnia is often given to someone as a token of your long-lasting affection towards them. This flower is especially stunning in fall bouquets. The tall, erect stems and massive, brilliantly colored blooms stand out spectacularly.

Bird of Paradise

Are you wondering what flower to present your spouse for your anniversary? The Bird of Paradise symbolizes love and faithfulness. It is ideal for demonstrating affection to your loved ones. Bird of Paradise is the official flower representing ninth anniversaries.

Gerbera’ Revolution Orange’

Gerberas attract attention with their bold coloring wherever they are growing.  They make excellent container plants. The flower represents purity and cheerfulness and is perfect given to someone to lift their spirits.


Do you want to make a statement? Look no further! The Dahlia delivers a distinct look through its bright blooms and broad spiky petals. These flowers can grow up to 6ft tall and are bound to grab attention as a centerpiece.

Orange Dhalia

Photo by Leanna Cushman


Use Cosmos flowers along paths to welcome garden and house guests.  They greet all with their bright coloring and a pleasant scent. These flowers can grow up to 6 feet tall and make a statement in any space.  Their delightful scent, along with their height, give guests the welcome they deserve.

Pin Cushion (Leucospermum cordifolium)

The flower belongs to the Protea family, and it gets its name from the distinct shape of its petals and stem. Mix orange Pincushion flowers with a bunch of other wildflowers or use it as a separate bouquet. This flower leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of lucky recipients.


Just like the Snapdragon, the Banksia represents a new journey. These flowers, fresh or dried,  are given to those who are making a significant change in their life. The Banksia signifies rebuilding, renewing, and taking chances.

Crown Imperial

Crown Imperial Flowers are hard to miss, among other flowers. They instantly catch your attention with their yellow, orange, or red blooms. Most of the beauty of the Fritillaria imperialis remains hidden since the flowers tend to face down. However, these striking, tall flowers topped with a crown of erect, green leaves are majestic as they stand.


Ranunculus or Butter Cups are used to celebrate achievements, such as a new promotion. Although the Ranunculus flower doesn’t represent deep emotions, it is a great way to tell someone that you find them attractive and are willing to learn more about them. They are also loved at weddings.


The Lantana is famous for planting in hanging baskets and belongs to the family of tropical flowers. The flowers of this plant can be purple, red, yellow, or orange. Lantana flowers can also show multiple colors in each flower. Due to their bunch growing habit, the Lantana flower bunches add refreshing hues to any space.



Pansies are annuals, and they are one of the first flowers to arrive in stores in any season due to their tolerance against frost and extreme conditions. They are a symbol of remembrance and reminiscence of good memories. Did you know some pansies lack ‘faces’ in their true form? The varieties that possess a distinct face-like appearance are the ones that reach the retail stores.

Chinese Lantern Plant

The Chinese Lantern (Physalis alkekengi) plant belongs to the nightshade family, so be wary of its unripe berries as they are toxic. Like most plants in the nightshade family, such as Angel’s Trumpet and the bittersweet nightshade, the fruit of this plant is not suitable for consumption until it is ripe. Chinese Lantern Flowers are gifted in silk or dried forms, and they symbolize protection and vitality.

Trumpet vine

The orange to salmon-colored flowers of the Trumpet vine, or Campsis radicans,  is often seen in Hummingbird gardens. The trumpet vine loves to climb, and it represents new beginnings.

trumpet vine

Here is a Tip:

Pair orange-colored flowers with yellow or bold-red flowers to create striking visual appeal. You can also go the other way and pair orange flowers with purple or blue flowers, to soften the tone. Either way, orange flowers will add brightness and liveliness to any space,  and bring a smile to your face whenever you set your eyes on them.


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