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What do yellow roses mean?

yellow rose

Giving a flower is one of the most meaningful gestures that can exist. Through the universal language of flowers, feelings, thoughts, and emotions can be transmitted. Considering the importance of knowing those meanings, below, we help you discover what it means to give a yellow rose. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, optimism, genius, wisdom, and happiness, among other things. These meanings are attributed to the brilliance and purity of gold and the energy and intensity of sunlight. What are the yellow roses meaning? [embed][/embed] Friendship is the feeling that is most related to yellow roses, because with them we can express gratitude and joy to a friend for their sincere friendship. They are a tribute to a beautiful and true friendship that grows stronger. If...

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Iris: Meaning and Symbolism


The iris flower is a delicate yet beautiful flower which is loved all over the world. Its natural habitat is across the continent of Asia and often expansively through Afghanistan. However, with its simple beauty, this flower has become popular all over the world and in non-native countries, is now often grown using a bulb. This small indigo, white and yellow bloom has a very special meaning and we are going to be exploring its significance a little deeper and the meaning of each variety. [embed][/embed] Iris Flowers around the world The iris flowers makes its first appearance of the year during the springtime, and for many signals the beginning of this beautiful time of year. Despite being a natural flower of the...

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Rose Color Meanings

meanings of a rose

Roses are one of the most well-loved flowers in the world and it's little wonder when their different colors can symbolize so many different things. One of the most easily recognizable meanings of the rose flower is the symbol of love by giving a red rose, but there are so many other rose color meanings. In this article we are going to be exploring the meaning of rose colors, allowing us to gain a deepened love for these beautiful flowers. Rose Color Meanings [embed][/embed] Red Rose Meaning As we mentioned, the red rose is a symbol of love. Giving these to your significant other holds a deep sense of romanticism and is a beautiful way to express your feelings for that special someone. This...

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Flowers That Mean Strength

Flowers that mean strength

During challenging times, it is a struggle to keep our strength up. Seeking strength and fortitude in the beauty of nature and flowers is a great way to boost our inner confidence and give us the courage to continue on. When we are facing hard times, or when someone we love is suffering, discovering flowers that mean strength inspire resilience and buoy the soul. These six flowers symbolize strength, exemplifying the power of nature and the power within ourselves. Gladiolus In Latin, gladiolus means “little sword.” It gets this name due to its' tall spiked, sword-like flower spire and leaves. The entire plant is powerful looking! It said that in Roman times, the gladiolus was the flower of the gladiators. In English,...

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Daisy: Meaning and Symbolism

Daisy Meaning

We all know the lover's daisy game where a sad and lovelorn person pulls a daisy petal one by one while reciting, "he loves me, he loves me not". But did you know that daisies have a symbolism all to themselves? The common daisy Many flowers share the name "daisy", but for most of us, the classic flower of lover's games and daisy chains is the European species named Bellis perennis. Interestingly enough, the common name for this species of daisy is bruisewort, or occasionally woundwort, which are both unflattering names for such a pretty flower. This name probably originated with the Romans who would soak bandages in daisy juice and use them to cover wounds. And daisies are still used in...

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Daffodils: Meaning and Symbolism

Daffodil Meaning

When I think about daffodils, the first thing that comes to mind is springtime. Long walks in the prairies, that crisp morning air that brings joy and peacefulness, the symmetrical look of freshly cut grass and the white and yellow daffodils. This is how I remember my childhood. I feel a sense of attachment to such a delicate flower and its main meaning, a fresh start, perfectly intertwines with my younger-self memories. Let's discover together the daffodil's meaning and symbolism. [caption id="attachment_1113" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Photo by Mat Reding[/caption] The daffodil symbolizes new beginning and rebirth. It's the flower of second chances, of new opportunities. It's the symbol of hope. In a religious context, the daffodil is associated with Lent, often called the...

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Sunflower Meaning and Symbolism

Sunflowers Field

How do you feel when you look at a sunflower? For many people, they bring a sense of joy, warmth and happiness - memories of hot summer days and time with loved ones, or a general lift of spirits when there’s a vase of fresh-cut sunflowers on the kitchen table. The bright yellow petals of the sunflower and dinner plate size mimic the sun that shines high in the sky during the summer making this flower a favorite for many. [embed][/embed] Sunflower origin Sunflowers date all the way back to 3,000 B.C. in present-day Arizona. Native Americans used sunflowers in almost every area of life from food to dye to snakebite treatment. In the 18th century, Peter the Great used sunflowers as decoration, which was...

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