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Pink Flowers: 12 best flowers + Pictures

Pink is the color of love and compassion and when combined with flowers, it symbolises friendship, affection, harmony and inner piece. When you choose to gift someone pink flowers, you can never go wrong. The meaning of  universal love for oneself or others makes this color the perfect choice for a multitude of situations and life events. The range of hues in nature is varied. From blush pink to magenta, there is a shade for every occasion. Pink flowers are also a very pretty choice for any wedding bouquets. I chose classic pink roses for my wedding day, look how pretty my wedding bouquet was: Pink is a very versatile color which is sometimes considered a neutral color. However, the selection of...

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Purple Flowers: best types of flowering plants with pictures

Purple Flower

Purple and green make an excellent color combination and the color combo reduces stress. Bold and royal shades of purple mixed in with other bloom colors create striking contrast in the flower garden. There are many different purple flowers to choose from with bloom hues that range from pale lilac to deep violet. The sizes also range from a few inches tall to vines that can span 30-feet in length when mature. Check out some of these purple flower varieties and their growing habits so you can select some that are just right for your landscape. Alliums (Allium giganteum) Alliums are also known as blooming onions and make a perfect bridge flower to help keep things blooming with purple color from early spring through...

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Yellow Flowers: 18 types and What They Mean

Yellow Flowers

Many of us have fond memories of the small yellow blooms of dandelions that sprouted on the lawns every spring. Dandelions were probably the first yellow flower we were introduced to as a child and the plant may find a place in our lawns, memories, and kitchen pantry after we became adults. Dandelion is a yellow flower with multiple meanings - like hope, wish for dreams to come true, and a floral gift given to a loved one as a promise of faithfulness. The entire plant is also edible and used for herbal remedies. To say the right thing, all you have to do is give the right flower. Here 18 other yellow flowers and what they mean so you can give...

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Orange Flowers: 19 Types and Pictures

Orange Roses

Vitalizing and visually stimulating, orange flowers bring cheerful energy to the garden. The color palette of orange flowers is diverse, from bright, bold snapdragons to gentle, flushed Frangipani. Orange flowers captivate with their bursts of color. They add depth and allure to the garden landscape, creating focal points, and charisma. These are the most popular orange flowers in gardens today: Snapdragon (Antirrhinum) Snapdragon is a graceful flower that represents growth. This tall flower is the right choice if you need something that stands out. Use snapdragons in events where someone is turning a new page in their life or embarking on anew, exciting journey. [embed][/embed] Pot Marigold Pot Marigolds originate from  Northern Mediterranean countries and represent sunshine and fire.  Marigold petals are a delicious and appealing...

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