Who We Are

At My life in Blossom, we provide practical, real-life advice for making your garden beautiful and colorful. We cover everything from the meaning of certain flowers to how to express your feeling through flowers.

With our ten years of experience, we help more million people each year find the information they need for creating a stunning garden and home. We have hundreds of articles on how to plant a large variety of flowers and plants, and we interview the best gardener in the Country to bring you the latest and best information available. 

The Testing Process

We test flower delivery companies in order to give you the best service possible. Our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty of ordering flowers online and speed up your selection process.

We follow a scrupulous set of steps: from researching the most popular websites to testing the bouquet cost to how fresh the flowers are when they reach our head office. No stone is left unturned, we aim at providing quintessential impartial advice.

Our Team

Meet some members of our Team.

Kim Chang

Kim Chang is a Videographer, with ten years of experience in filming and editing. Her filming experience encompasses live nature shots, as well as live events.



Irene Pierce is My Life in Blossom’s junior editor. She is a key member of the writing team and helps with the planning of all content and photography.

Kate McKenna

Kate McKenna is our photographer in chief. Recently graduated from the Art center college of Design in Pasadena California, Kate brings her passion and enthusiasm to My Life in Blossom


Joanna Spencer is My Life in Blossom’s senior editor. She is in charge of planning the content strategy for MLIB together with the founder, Val Bold.

Joanna has a deep and true love for flowers and gardening. You should see her garden in San Clemente, California. It is absolutely picture perfect!