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How To Grow Lavender in 4 Steps

How to grow Levander in 4 steps

I always loved lavender, its beautiful purple hue, the bushy decorative look. If you ever wondered how to grow lavender in your garden, we have selected 4 easy steps to guide you in creating the perfect lavender garden. Lavender is an easy-care perennial plant that is beautiful and fragrant and can be used in both culinary and medicinal applications. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and grows in almost every climate of the world. Birds, butterflies, and bees are attracted to lavender and it’s a great plant addition to any landscape or garden. Learn how to grow and care for this multi-purpose purple flower with these care tips. Growing Location [embed][/embed] Select a location that is in full sun most of the day and...

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How To Grow Sunflowers in 4 Steps


Have you ever wondered how to grow sunflowers in your garden? In this article, we will outline the easy 4 steps you need to take to grow a beautiful sunflowers garden. Sunflowers are great fun to grow and are ideal for inspiring kids to get involved with gardening, The big, cheerful blooms of the sunflower follow the sun throughout the day and provide food and resting places for birds. They have a profound meaning too! To discover their symbolism, check out our  Sunflower Meaning and Symbolism article. Sunflower heights range from dwarf to giant, and the bloom colors range from yellow, red, to tri-color. These eye-catching flowers will bloom for several months during the summer and make long-lasting cut flowers. Discover how to...

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How to Grow Garden Bamboo in 4 Steps

How to Grow Garden Bamboo

Have you ever wondered how to grow garden bamboo? In this article, we will outline the 4 steps you need to take to grow a beautiful bamboo garden. Bamboo is a tall-growing exotic plant that is used for many different things. It can be planted and grown as a living privacy hedge and is used for making furniture, flooring, and several other consumer goods. Growing and caring for bamboo is easy but you must start the plants off right or they can become invasive. Use these tips and learn how to care for bamboo so you can enjoy it without it overtaking your landscape. Select The Right Bamboo Bamboo can grow from 8-feet to 100-feet and can be used to make fishing poles, privacy...

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Caring For Red Roses

Red Rose

Red roses are a classic favorite and the most popular of all flower varieties. Growing a red roses bush at home or receiving a dozen red roses as a gift will require a specific care routine so you can get the most from these delightful fragrant flowers. Use these tips for caring for red roses so you will be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. If instead, you want to understand how to grow red roses, you can read our how-to guide here: Roses: how to grow them How to cut Red Roses So many gift-giving occasions are fulfilled with a bouquet of red roses. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or any other day that you want to tell...

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Easy And Cute DIY Paper Flower Crafts

Paper Flower DIY

  Want to learn how to make these paper flowers? Anyone can make these paper flowers. You do not have to be a DIY expert or have any crafting experience. So, are you a person who wants to make something fast because of time constraints or any other reason? Then this is the tutorial for you! These adorable paper flowers can be given to someone special as a gift, for example by wrapping them in cellophane paper or why not poke them down among your living plants? A lot can be done. Here is the How - to guide Supplies needed:  Six sheets of square paper for one flower with a color of your choice: dimensions 4 x 4 cm Hobby glue or glue...

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How To Grow Lilies (Lilium)

Orange Lilies

Everyone loves lilies and they are very easy to grow in a home garden. The name ‘lily’ encompasses all varieties of these lovely flowers that come in a wide range of bloom color, flower shape, bloom time, and mature size. Whatever variety of lily you want to grow, the needs of this showy perennial plant will all be the same. Use these tips for successfully growing lilies. Planting Location [embed][/embed] Select a planting location for lilies in a sunny location that has moist, well-draining soil. Gardening folklore will help you select the right planting location for the lilies - plant lilies in a location that will put their head in the sun and feet in the shade. A sunny location will put their head in the...

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How to Grow Plants Vertically

Vertical Farms from Eden Green

Whether you are a casual enthusiast of houseplants or an experienced crop farmer, the process of growing plants is essentially the same across all species of plants. The planter buys a pot and puts soil inside of it or in the farmer’s case, they plow and nurture the land to create fertile soil. Then a seed is placed within the soil, the seed is watered, a sprout appears, and it continues to grow until it is a mature plant. The foundational similarities of the growing process of plants is that on the surface, the soil is horizontal and flat. This layout limits the space and the number of plants that can be grown in a single area. However, there is a...

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Peonies: tips and advices on how to grow them

Pink Peony

Peonies have many great qualities that make them a springtime favorite - peonies are perennial, very fragrant, produce large blooms, are long-lasting cut flowers, low-maintenance, make ideal green foliage plants throughout the summer, and are easy to divide and transplant. It’s hard to find anything negative about this spring beauty so if you have any outdoor planting space, use this guide to plant and grow peonies. You won’t regret it. Choosing the right location Peonies grow best in a sunny location and need at least 6-hours of sunlight every day.  Soil that drains well is also vital to the health of peonies as soggy soil will cause the underground tubers to rot. If you have established peonies that used to produce blooms but no...

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Poisonous Flowers; Beautiful, But Deadly

poisonous flowers

Even the hardest of hearts love a beautiful flower. But did you know some of our most beloved flowers hide deadly secrets? Here's a list of some of the world's most beautiful poisonous flowers. Hemlock (Conium maculatum) If there's one flower that most comes to mind when thinking about poisonous flowers, it's definitely hemlock. It was most famously the poison used to execute Socrates after he was found guilty of morally corrupting the minds of Athens' youth. After drinking some hemlock infused tea, Socrates was asked by his executioner to walk around until his feet felt numb. He then laid down and waited as the numbness crept up his legs and torso until his heart stopped and he died. Not the nicest...

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Peace Lily Care: Tips and Advices on how to care for this beautiful plant

Peace Lilly care

Peace lilies are plants that have a powerful meaning. A peace lily symbolizes the rebirth and transcendence of the soul, these plants are considered as a symbol of peace and hope. An interesting fact about them is that peace lilies are usually sent when someone in the family dies as a way to show sympathy. This is a type of plant that is preferred by most plant enthusiasts as it's an adaptable and low-maintenance houseplant. On top of that, they are one of the best plants for indoor environments, many people love peace lilies because they are one of the best choices for cleaning the air, according to NASA, peace lilies can clean the air from toxic gases such as...

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