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The Anatomy Of A Flower

Flower Anatomy

Have you ever been curious about the anatomy of a flower? There's no delicate way to put this; flowers are the naughty bits of angiosperms (commonly known as flowering plants) whose primary use is for sexual reproduction. Sure, they look beautiful to people and attractive to bees and butterflies, but their primary purpose is as sexual organs. And even though flowers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, nearly all of them have the same basic anatomy. Parts of a flower diagram This is a diagram of the parts of a flower with the names of all the common organs and structures. The Naughty Bits Let's start with a flower's male organs. The anther is where pollen is produced. Pollen is a...

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Roses: how to grow them

Pink Roses

Roses are the all-time favorite flower for growing at home and for good reasons. A rose bush is easy to grow, long-lasting, provides beauty, fragrance, it can be grown in-ground or in a container, and it also produces berries, called rose hips, that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. A healthy rose bush planted in good soil receiving the right amount of sun exposure will produce fragrant blooms for decades. Use these tips on how to grow roses so you can enjoy all the benefits these hardy bushes have to offer. Facts about roses: Rose bushes are sold in one of two ways; bare-root or container-grown. Bare root bushes are dormant and may even look dead in their package, but once they...

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Thinking about a Flower Tattoo? Here is the Inspiration You Needed

Flowers for tattoos

If you have ever thought about getting a flower tattoo, you are not alone. Flowers for tattoos make great pieces because they can represent a variety of themes as well as personal anecdotes. Far from cliché, flowers work to support complex sleeves and even by themselves as solo-pieces. To help you decide the overall style of your upcoming flower tattoo, here are a bunch of cool tattoos with floral elements/adaptations. Creative Manipulation - Floral elements in a bigger picture: In this tattoo, we can see a creative use of the flower’s parts to paint a bigger picture. Specifically, this tattoo has manipulated the pistil to represent what looks like a woman’s face with petals for hair. The hands appear to represent the stem...

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3 best Ted Talks about gardening in small spaces

Garden with flowers

Growing flowers in small space in a challenge for anyone living in the city, in an apartment or otherwise small place. When I was living in London, United Kingdom, I thought that the idea of gardening was inaccessible for city dwellers. I was so immersed in the every day grind of my city life that I associated gardening with the luxury of living in the countryside. How wrong was I? A while back, I read this article in a magazine about how growing even a tiny portion of your own food would help the environment. Unconvinced about the association of small spaces and growing plants, I tried with some herbs. I started with basil and mint and the result was so satisfying! I...

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