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White Flowers: 11 Types and Meaning

White Flowers

White flowers are among the most versatile flowers and can be used in pretty much any flower arrangement. They are especially useful in flower bouquets as their white color pops against a canvas of lush green scenery. Known for adding touches of tranquillity to your everyday environment, white flowers represent reverence, humility, love, purity, and innocence. For this post, we selected our top 11 white flowers. [caption id="attachment_1550" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Photo by Joanna Kosinska[/caption] Jasmine Jasmine is a delicate and fragrant flower. It is used in many perfumes due to its incredibly wonderful smell. Jasmine often symbolizes beauty, love, and sensuality, so it's a perfect flower to give to your sweetie. Megan Markle used Jasmin in her bridal bouquet when she married Prince Harry of England....

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Red Flowers: 11 Types and What They Mean

Red Flowers

As the number one flower-giving holiday approaches, knowing what different types of red flowers mean will be beneficial when you go to the florist shop. Valentine’s Day is all about love, hearts, and red flowers. But each red flower carries a unique meaning. To convey the right sentiment to the floral recipient on Valentine’s Day or any other flower-giving occasion you will need to know the meaning of red flowers. Read on to discover 11 types of popular red flowers and what they mean. Amaryllis [caption id="attachment_1560" align="alignnone" width="669"] Photo by Ross Domke[/caption] This red flower was named after a Greek maiden and red amaryllis represents determination, pride, and beauty. Receiving these red flowers convey the message of passion, attraction, and developing love. Amaryllis are...

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Orchid meaning and symbolism

Orchid Meaning and Symbolism

Orchids are one of the most popular decorative plants in the world. These beautiful and striking flowers come in many different colors. They have a long history of being used symbolically in art, culture, and everyday life. The symbolic nature of orchids varies depending on the culture and the context of their use. Let’s take a closer look at the true orchid meaning. What Do Orchids Symbolize? The popularity of orchids means that they have been historically used to symbolize different things. For example, in ancient Greece, orchids were associated with fertility; ancient Greeks placed orchid plants in their homes in the hopes of increasing their chances for children. In the 19th century, the symbolic meaning of orchids shifted considerably. The Victorians saw...

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