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Why is Marigold the Flower for October?

Best Marigold To Grow in Your Garden

Why is Marigold the Flower for October? The flower has long been associated with love and romance, but it’s also known to promote healing and emotional well-being. It’s said to encourage self-love and compassion and can be used to symbolize new beginnings.

Marigolds are a great flower to add to any garden or container because they grow quickly and bloom in abundance throughout the season. They’re easy to take care of: just water them regularly, and fertilize them when necessary.

Marigolds are known for being cheerful and happy. Read on to discover more reasons why marigold is the flower of OctoberMarigold Meanings and Symbolism

The marigold is a symbol of love and beauty. The ancient Egyptians once used it to represent the sun god Ra. In Greek mythology, it represented the goddess Aphrodite. In Roman culture, it was associated with Venus. The Romans called it “the golden one.”

  • In Chinese tradition, marigolds were considered lucky flowers. They were often given as gifts on New Year’s Day. In India, marigolds are still worn during weddings.
  • In the Middle Ages, people believed eating marigolds would make you brave.
  • In modern times, marigolds have become famous symbols of love. People wear them in their hair, put them in vases, and use them decoratively.

Why is Marigold the Flower for October?

The association of Marigolds with the month of October is uncertain. Tradition dictates that marigolds were chosen as October flowers because of their meaning. The compassion that marigolds symoolizes is often connected to the prevalent zodiac sign of this autumn month, libra. Individuals born under the star sign of libra are compassionate and kind individuals and marigolds reflect these characteristics.

Tips for buying Marigolds

Marigolds are often grown as houseplants because they are low maintenance and long-lasting. Marigolds are a perfect choice if you are looking for something different to put in your garden or planter. There are several ways to care for marigolds. First, check the soil before planting. If there are signs of insects or disease, remove the affected parts of the plant before planting. Next, water regularly. You should water them at least once every two weeks. Keep an eye out for weeds around the base of the plant. Remove them if necessary. Lastly, fertilize the plant with compost tea. Fertilizing helps keep the plant healthy and growing. When buying flowers at the grocery store, avoid those that are faded, wilted, or browning. If you see any of these signs, then that flower isn’t healthy. Instead, choose marigolds that are just beginning to bloom. You can also combine marigolds with other bright and bolder flowers, like roses and zinnias. Marigolds last about one week when placed in water, so if you’re planning to put them in a vase, wait until after you’ve bought them.

Marigolds are known for being cheerful and happy. Read on to discover more reasons why marigold is the flower of OctoberOctober Birthstone

The birthstone for October is amethyst, which has a deep purple color. Ancient Egyptians used amethysts to adorn the bodies of gods and royalty. They were believed to ward off evil spirits and protect from harm. Today, they are often given as gifts to celebrate new beginnings.

What the October birth flower says about you

The zodiac sign of this month’s flower is Libra which means you’re a sensitive person who needs to take care of yourself. You’re likely to be kind, patient, and nurturing. You may also be shy and quiet at times.

You tend to get along best with others who share your values. You’ll probably find someone who appreciates your gentle nature if you’re single. If you’re married, you might want to try being more assertive.

Your life path number is 7. This means you’re very creative and artistic. You enjoy spending time alone, but you need to balance your solitude with socializing.

Marigolds are known for being cheerful and happy. Read on to discover more reasons why marigold is the flower of OctoberBuying Flowers For An October Birthday

Use your new knowledge of marigolds to create a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated by the most important people in your life.

For Parents

The pink cosmos is a symbol of tenderness and maternal love. It represents compassion, gentleness, beauty, and elegance. Pink cosmos is also an extremely versatile flower. You can use pink cosmos to decorate any occasion, from weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and funerals.

For Your Significant Other

Marigolds are symbolic of happiness, joy, and optimism. Combining them with Crimson Cosmos or Carnations will bring you closer to your significant other!

For Your Grandparents

In ancient times, Marigolds were thought to bring longevity. So, when you give your loved ones a bouquet of cosmos, you wish them a long and happy life together. You also wish them happiness and prosperity in their future endeavors. If you pair Marigolds with sunflowers, you’re telling them that they bring joy and sunshine into your life.

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