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Ten Best Types of Peony

Peonies: Meaning and Symbolism

There are over 300 types of peonies, each having its own unique characteristics. The best way to choose the perfect type of peony is to look at the flower itself. We have selected the ten best type of peonies for you to buy or plant.

You can understand a lot about an individual from the type of peony they prefer. For example, if you like soft and gentle flowers, then you should consider our top ten peonies.

Ten Best Types of PeonyWhat Is a Peony?

Previously included in the Ranunculus family, which contains larkspurs, columbines, and buttercups but has recently been moved to its own family, Paeoniae, peonies have been moved to their own separate family, Paeoniadae. Peonies are a type of flower belonging to the genus Paeonia. There are 33 recognized species throughout the world and countless horticultural varieties.

Peonies are herbaceous perennials or small, woody plants. They have long, narrow leaves that alternate along their stems and are deeply divided into numerous lobes. Peonies are often classified by their number of lobes. Peony flowers naturally come in five to ten petal varieties, but horticultural varieties can be many more than that. The flowers are pinkish, reddish, brownish, whitish, or yellowish. Peony flowers have an abundance of yellow stamens at the center of the flower, which gives them their characteristic look. The blooms have both female and male organs, and when the females mature into seeds, they produce an aril. There are so many different varieties of peony, it’s difficult to pick the ten best types of peony, honestly!

Where Do Peonies Grow Naturally?

Peony plants grow naturally in many parts of the world. The peony is native to China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, and Tibet. It was introduced into Europe by the Romans, who used it as a medicinal plant. Today, it is grown commercially throughout the United States and Canada.

Beautiful Varieties of Peony

It’s hard to believe that something so beautiful could be so tough. If you plant one of these flowering shrubs on your property, you should know that it has an excellent chance of outliving you.

The Paeonia genera contain more than 30 species and several hundred varieties, some of which were cultivated for thousands of years in China. There are three main types of peony flowers: single, double, and semi-double. Herbal peony comes from Paeonia lactiflora. Lactifolia and hybrid crosses.

We asked our experts to list their favorite peony and we compiled a list of the ten best types of peony to grace your spring garden!

How to Grow Peonies

Ten Best Types of Peony

Peony’ Coral Charm’

Peonies’ Coral Charm’ flowers in June, changing color as they open. It starts salmon pink and gradually turns orange and yellow. It grows to 90 cm tall with strong stems, so it’s a nice size for a border plant.

Peony’ Duchess of Kent’

Peony’ Duchess of Kent’ is a vigorous Japanese tree peony that eventually reaches a size of up to one meter. Ruby tulips bloom in early May, and they continue to bloom through May. They’re usually covered by a layer of greenish-yellow foliage.

Peony’ Duchess of Marlborough’

Flowering mid-summer, this famous Japanese tree peony variety produces huge pale pink blooms. Peonies’ Duchess Of Marlborough’ flower profusely each year

how to grow peoniesPeony ‘Hillary’

This unique variety produces big apricot and purple two-toned blooms with a rich, spicy fragrance. ‘Hilary’ is an intersectionally peony with a “bush” habit.

Peony’ Laura Dessert’

Laura Dessert is a peony hybrid from China. It has a large, showy flower head with a sweet fragrance. The flowers last well into autumn. Fragrant French cultivars, ‘Laura Dessert’ has pale cream-yellow blooms with pom-pom-like centers. They bloom in mid-season, bringing a fresh scent to the borders.

Peony’ Lollipop’

Peony’ Lollipop’ is an intersection peony variety with unusual pink speckled apricot flowers. The foliage is delicate but holds the flowers well. This variety is mid-season flowering and grows in a bush form, around 80 cm high.

Peony ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’

Peony ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’ flowers early on in the spring, around late May, which makes them perfect for extending the peony season. It’s a vigorous plant that proliferates and produces large pink flowers. It reaches around 90 cm in height.

Ten Best Types of PeonyPeony’ Prairie Moon’

This peony has been bred by our team at Prairie Moon Gardens to produce a compact plant with large, showy flowers. The flower petals are a rich shade of purple, and the blooms last well into summer. It is hardy down to -20°C (-4°F) and will grow in most soils, but prefers moist soil.

Peony’ Chocolate Soldier’

The cup-shaped flower of peony’ Chocolate Soldier’ is the darkest red, with an inner flush of the bright yellow stamen. They work well with darker-colored flowers, but may also be planted amongst lighter ones, to emphasize their darkness. ‘Chocolate Soldier makes an excellent cut flower!

Peony ‘Claire De Lune’

This peony has been grown from seed collected by Claire de Lune herself. The flower is a beautiful deep purple color with a hint of pink. It will last well into autumn.

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