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An Interview with Victoria Spencer

 I am Victoria Spencer, owner of The Gracious Florist. I started this business after going through a divorce where I was left without any money or means to pay rent. My goal is to provide affordable flowers for all occasions. I have worked hard to get my name out there and build a reputation for myself.

An interview with Victoria Spencer

What’s the thing you like the most about being a florist?

Being able to help people create special moments in their lives.

When did you decide to be a florist?

When I got divorced, I had no money and nowhere to live. I couldn’t buy a house so I decided to start my own flower shop.

How long have you been floral designing?

I have been designing flowers since 2008.

An interview with Victoria SpencerWhat inspired you to become a floral entrepreneur?

My ex-wife encouraged me to open a flower shop because she knew that I loved flowers. She also knew how difficult it can be to find someone who will work with you on a budget.

What’s the best part of running your own business?

It gives me the freedom to decide what kind of flowers I want to use.

What are some ways you make sure your customers are happy?

I always try to make sure my clients are satisfied. If something doesn’t look right, I’ll fix it before I deliver. Also, I offer free delivery within a 25 mile radius.

What have been some of your biggest challenges as a small business owner?

One of the hardest thin to do is getting new clients. I don’t advertise very well. I just put flyers in local grocery stores and post them online.

An interview with Victoria SpencerWhat advice would you give to other small business owners?

Get creative when advertising. You need to think “off the beaten path” if you want to attract more clients.

What would you like to see happen in your industry?

More businesses offering quality services at reasonable prices.

What would you like our readers to know about you?

I’m an artist at heart. Flowers are my passion. I enjoy creating unique arrangements for weddings and events. My goal is to increase the size of my business by providing high quality service at a fair price.

Where would you want to go if you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world?

I would love to visit Paris.

What do you think you’ll be doing in five years?

By the time I turn 43, I hope to still own my business. I want to expand my business and grow my clientele.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes, I play guitar and I sing.

An interview with Victoria SpencerWhat will we be seeing from you next?

I plan to keep expanding my business. I also plan to write a book about my experiences as a florist.

What’s new in the world of flowers for weddings this year?

The trend toward blooming bouquets has been around for years, but it’s only recently become popular among brides.

It’s an inexpensive way to add some color into your wedding without spending too many dollars.

What are the top three flowers you’d choose for a perfect wedding? And why?

The top three flowers I’d choose for a wedding are Roses, Carnations, and Tulips. Why? They are all beautiful, they smell great, and they last forever!