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Thinking about a Flower Tattoo? Here is the Inspiration You Needed

Flowers for tattoos

If you have ever thought about getting a flower tattoo, you are not alone. Flowers for tattoos make great pieces because they can represent a variety of themes as well as personal anecdotes. Far from cliché, flowers work to support complex sleeves and even by themselves as solo-pieces.

To help you decide the overall style of your upcoming flower tattoo, here are a bunch of cool tattoos with floral elements/adaptations.

Creative Manipulation – Floral elements in a bigger picture:

Flowers for Tattoos

In this tattoo, we can see a creative use of the flower’s parts to paint a bigger picture. Specifically, this tattoo has manipulated the pistil to represent what looks like a woman’s face with petals for hair. The hands appear to represent the stem of the flower; providing support to a woman that seems to symbolize Lady Justice, a popular symbol in judicial systems.

Whether or not this tattoo is a commentary on environmental stressors or simply something that looks cool is up to individual perception. However, the use of floral elements as part of a whole is stunning and definitely unique.

Simple is Not Sinful: Sometimes, less is more!

Flowers for Tattoos

It really is the simple things in life. The small things that make you smile, laugh, or share the joy with those around you. For some, it is the biological perfection that is flowers. The way their favorite flower smells is enough to derive such limitless pleasure and inspiration to seize the day.

In this case, it could be productive to create a list of your favorite flowers and write down what these flowers mean to you. Once you have narrowed your list down to 3-5 flowers, you can create your own personalized flower sleeve that is unique to you!

Do not be convinced that flower drawing tattoos are cliché. When it comes to tattoos and your body, you are free to do whatever you please and everyone else’s opinion is irrelevant. These tattoos are generally very easy for artists to do in a single session, making it significantly cheaper for your wallet.

Limitless Color: Natural beauty through the color spectrum:

Flowers for Tattoos

Whether it is the warm and inviting yellows of sunflowers or the lusting depth of red roses, flowers represent natural beauty. If you feel that your tattoo sleeve could use a pop of color, you can easily take advantage of flowers.

However, color tattoos are often hard to pull off and require a skilled artist. It takes a lot of time and artistic vision to successfully translate the color depth of flowers to a tattoo. Make sure you find an artist who has a style you believe in/like, as this will help eliminate stressors associated with the design.

To help you create a glimpse of the color spectrum, as it relates to flowers, here are some floral species you can draw inspiration from (simply copy and paste the flower name and search via Google):

  • Red: Roses, Poinsettias, and Chrysanthemums
  • Orange: Marigolds, Dahlias, Lilies
  • Yellow: Pansies, Carnations, Daisies
  • Green: Hydrangeas, Bells of Ireland, Gladiolus
  • Blue: Periwinkle, Delphinium, Grape Hyacinth
  • Purple: Lilac, Lavender, Geranium

Just Live Free: Sometimes, it is just your favorite:

Flowers for Tattoos

Freedom and living without fear go hand-in-hand. Sometimes you just have to take life with a grain of salt and tattoo something that means a lot to you. For this woman, she clearly has a passion for sunflowers. As she walks through the field, foot to soil, she must feel a connection with the flowers around her.

Perhaps there is a flower that gives you the same sort of ‘high’. For me, the scent and shape of lavender is deep and meaningful. My mother used to keep a basket of lavender flowers in the linen closet; whenever I smell lavender flowers I cannot help but think back to that closet and cherish my memories with her.

The inspiration for your tattoo can come from anywhere. The meaning you associate with a particular object or flower is unique to you. Try thinking back to a moment in your life where a flower brought you joy and peace.

Life is Symbiotic – we are all connected, one way or another:

Flowers for Tattoos

In biology class, you probably learned that there are two main types of cells: plants and animals. Regardless of its cellular distinction, life truly is magnificent. If you were to truly think about all the trials that life had to overcome to exist you may very well be stuck in awe.

This particular collection of tattoos combines the beauty of flowers with the complex beauty that is butterflies. In general, many insects rely on the existence of flowers for energy. For bees, without flowers, life would not be possible.

The bees help the flowers by spreading the pollen of male flowers to female flowers. Flowers help the bees by providing them energy to produce complex hive structures that house a budding colony. Perhaps you can draw inspiration from this interaction by combining your flower tattoo with a meaningful insect/animal.

Life is also Short, do not be afraid to embrace the wild side!

Flowers for Tattoos

At the end of the day, tattoos are a form of expression. Maybe you are complex and much of your ‘explanation’ is under the surface. Tattoos are a great tool for representing all the different layers of your personality.

I would say flowers might take advantage of this same principle if they were not bound by normal growth patterns. This particular set of tattoos utilizes an interesting combination of colors that draw you in and encourages you to see the whole sleeve.

The patterns on the petals, the contrasting colors, and that variety of species is the perfect example of having fun with your flower tattoo. Unlike real life, the flowers in your tattoos do not have to follow the rules of life. Maybe you want a rose with rainbow petals or a lavender flower that grows from the pistil of a sunflower… the point is, you are free to have fun with it.

Whatever you draw inspiration from, just remember, the world is your meadow and you choose how to experience it. ❀

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