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Zinnia Meaning And Symbolism

Zinnia meaning and symbolism

Zinnias are classic flowers that have been grown in the home garden for centuries. The tall, stately stalks of flowers command attention and add beautiful colors where they are planted. Their large and bright blooms beckon to passing pollinators and attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees to stop by for a meal. Zinnias are deer resistant, make excellent cut flowers, and will bloom from spring until the first frost of fall.

With all that going for them, it’s easy to see why they have been a garden favorite for so long. Zinnia meaning and symbolism are elaborate since the flower has been around for so long! Let’s look at some of the most common sentiments that zinnias convey to a recipient.

Zinnia meaning and symbolism

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Tough Plants

Zinnias are tough plants that are hardy enough to grow in less than ideal environments and soil conditions. The flowers are tough and will last for up to 10 days after being cut from the stalk.

Since the plant and flowers are so tough, zinnias symbolize endurance and strength. They are ideal flowers to give to someone going through a difficult time to convey the message that you believe they will endure the hardship and persevere through and reach a victorious outcome.

Happy Endurance

Not only will zinnias endure and thrive in poor environments, but the plant will produce colorful blooms and drop seeds for next year’s flower crop.

Zinnias are happy to bloom in the humid heat and drought of summer. The plants battle pests, resist diseases, survive on poor nutrition and never fail to produce vibrant, beautiful blooms.

Zinnia meaning and symbolism are primarily of happy endurance. They’re the perfect flower to give to someone who seems happy and thriving even though life has knocked them down a few times.

Zinnia meaning and symbolism

Bloom Colors

While the overall meaning of the flower is happy endurance, each color also adds a little more to the meaning.

  • Red zinnia blooms symbolize the steady beating of a heart. They mean someone is steadfast in their love for family and has close family ties.
  • Yellow zinnias represent a daily reminder of a loved one. When given yellow zinnias, the giver tells the recipient, ‘I Think Of You Daily.’
  • White blooms symbolize purity, innocence, and goodness. They are often used as wedding decor and as part of the bridal bouquet. White zinnia blooms are also used in spiritual celebrations since they symbolize goodness and purity.
  • Magenta zinnia blooms symbolize lasting affection. These make great anniversary flowers and will convey the sentiment that your love and affection will never end.
  • Purple zinnias symbolize royalty, class, and beauty. The purple blooms also represent spiritual exaltation, honoring the divine, peace, and harmony.
  • Pink blooms symbolize paternal love extending to all younger family members and close friends. When someone receives pink zinnias, it means life-long love and friendship from the giver.
  • Orange zinnia blooms symbolize health and vitality. A bouquet of orange zinnias is perfect for giving to someone who is not feeling well or recovering from surgery.
  • Green blooms are rare in the floral world, but zinnias are one plant that produces attractive green blooms. The flowers symbolize nature, renewal, growth, emotions, and financial security. Since the green bloom color is not standard, the bloom represents the fifth chakra that rules the heart. Green zinnias mean you send good wishes for someone’s new love or business to grow.
  • Blue zinnias are even rarer than green ones, but they exist. Blue zinnia blooms symbolize trust, faith, serenity, and loyalty. When giving blue zinnias, you let the recipient know how much you value that relationship.
Zinnia meaning and symbolism

Photo by Diane-helentjaris

Good To Grow And Give

Zinnias are very easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. Buy a packet of mixed color zinnia seeds and plant them in your home garden so you will always have the perfect bloom color to give away to that particular person in your life.

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