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Flowers That Mean Strength

Flowers that mean strength

During challenging times, it is a struggle to keep our strength up. Seeking strength and fortitude in the beauty of nature and flowers is a great way to boost our inner confidence and give us the courage to continue on. When we are facing hard times, or when someone we love is suffering, discovering flowers that mean strength inspire resilience and buoy the soul. These six flowers symbolize strength, exemplifying the power of nature and the power within ourselves.


In Latin, gladiolus means “little sword.” It gets this name due to its’ tall spiked, sword-like flower spire and leaves. The entire plant is powerful looking! It said that in Roman times, the gladiolus was the flower of the gladiators. In English, it is commonly known as Sword Lily. With a name this strong, it is no surprise gladiolus represents strength, honor, and moral integrity. When you are facing a particularly difficult struggle, the sword-shaped gladiolus is ready to go into battle with you and overcome any challenge.



Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)

The prickly cone-shaped head of this flower is named after the hedgehog, and it is a source of protection. Coneflowers stand on rigid, inflexible stems, and that combined with their spiked center, creates a vision of power and steadfastness, a force to be reckoned with. Echinacea also is a medicinal herb, supporting the immune system against attacks. Between its appearance and medicinal attributes, echinacea is a powerhouse of strength and endurance. Cut flowers often remain full and beautiful for up to two weeks.


Columbine (Aquilegia)

Depending on who you ask, these delicate flowers look like five doves perched together or like the five claws of an eagle’s outstretched talons. Either way, their strength is indisputable. Columbine often grows in difficult environments, a reminder that nothing is impossible when there is a will to succeed. It has evolved to grow in many seemingly inhospitable places.

In Christianity, the columbine represents fortitude, wisdom, counsel, understanding, knowledge, reverence, and fear of the Lord, the seven gifts of the holy spirit.



If health and physical strength are needed, valerian provides it in substance and appearance. Valerian is a well-known medicinal, providing vigor and wellbeing. Over the years, it has been prescribed for almost every ailment, leading to people giving it the common name “All-Heal.” The name valerian comes from the Latin word valere, which means “to be strong.”


Nothing represents steadfastness and determination quite like the cactus. In what seems to be the most inhospitable environment, the cactus not only grows, it thrives. And, they produce the most spectacularly beautiful flowers, as well. Amid great tribulation, the cactus plant thrives, and at the same time, provides valuable food and shelter to many desert animals. Caring for a cactus plant is a daily reminder that strength and endurance are possible in any situation.


When inner strength is needed to endure trying times, the snapdragon is there to provide encouragement. This flower often grows in rocky ground, where it seems impossible for a plant to survive at all. The snapdragon survives against all the odds, proving resilience is rewarding.






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