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Flowers In Tarots

Flowers In Tarots

The flowers in tarots are not there to make the cards look pretty; they have meanings. Tarots have been used for centuries to guide love, money, career, goals, and general life path.

The flowers in tarots help the reader advise those who come for a reading. The readers are referred to by various names and may use other things, like saging, to help guide clients into the right pathway. The flowers on the tarots symbolize blooming insight into our own, or someone elses’, experience.

For instance, the Six Of Cups tarot depicts a young flower vendor handing an older woman a bouquet. The flowers in this tarot carry the meaning of accepting the difficulties of the present and moving forward instead of living in the past. This tarot card also encourages the mending of a broken relationship and strengthening current relationships.

Flower Meanings

In tarot card readings, spring flowers symbolize renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings. The spring flowers mean there has been a time of dormancy and stagnation in a part of one’s life, and now is the time to start growing again.

The flowers in tarots also remind us of the never-ending cyclical nature of life. The energy of life is never extinguished; it’s continuously recycled.

Flowers In Tarots

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When flowers stand out during a tarot reading, it’s a sign to consider the energy level in your life. Is the person being read in a self-imposed dormant phase of life? The guidance and advice given by the reader will include nurturing oneself so that when ‘spring’ arrives, the person will be ready to bloom.

Not Always Roses

Everything in life will not always be coming up roses. The white rose on the Fool symbolizes purity and is a reminder to cleanse the mind of all impurities.

The flowers in tarots are not all roses, but that’s ok because other flowers are just as meaningful as roses. People often overlook the fact that the beautiful, fragrant roses have thorns, and to get to the bloom, you must deal with the thorns.

Not all flowers are fragrant or have thorns like the rose, but all flowers have times of lush and vigorous growth, just like human beings. The flowering plant mimics the lifecycle of humans with varying stages of development.

Flowers In Tarots

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Keyword Meanings

Flowers in tarot have several keyword meanings. When tarots with flowers show up in a reading, specific keywords are symbolized by the flowers. A few of those keywords include:

* Love

* Joy

* Hope

* Beauty

* Growth

* Blossoming

* Unfolding

* Connection

* Regeneration

* Pollination

* Reproduction

* Birth

* Creativity

* Life

* Expansion

* Expression

* Appreciation

* Unity

* Devotion

* Inspiration

* Vitality


Plantlife is fragile, just like human life and relationships. All must be treated with care and nurtured to thrive.

Beauty is also fragile and short-lived—the beauty of youth, of new love, of a new friendship. A beautiful flower that is breathtaking today is very delicate, for, by tomorrow, it will begin to fade and wither.

The flowers in tarots represent the fragility of all life forces. A few wrong words or one wrong action can destroy the life of a flower, relationship, or person because of fragility.

The Language Of Flowers

Floriography, or the language of flowers, has been used for centuries to express emotions. Flowers have symbolic and mystical meanings and are depicted on tarots to help people discover the correct pathway on life’s journey.

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