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Bird of Paradise Meaning and Symbolism

Bird of paradise meaning and symbolism

The bird of paradise (also Strelitzia) is a flower known as the bird orchid and the bird of paradise tree. It is native to tropical regions around the globe, including Australia, Madagascar, New Guinea, South America, and Southeast Asia. The plant has been grown for hundreds of years in many different regions of the world. It was named after Sir William Hamilton, who brought the first specimen back from Tahiti. He called it the “bird of paradise” because he believed it represented his wife’s fidelity.

What does Strelitzia mean?

Strelitzia comes from the Russian word streltsy, meaning “musketeers” or “foot soldiers.” This plant was named after the Russian army regiment that fought against Napoleon Bonaparte during the French invasion of Russia in 1812.

This flower has long been known as a love and romance emblem. In ancient times, it was believed that the flowers would bloom only once every seven years. When they did, it was said that the couple would be blessed with good fortune and prosperity. Today, you can still find this belief among some people.

In addition to its symbolic value, the flower is also beautiful. Its large, colorful blooms are often used in floral arrangements and wedding decorations. 

Bird of Paradise Meaning and Symbolism

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Bird of Paradise Flower Story Origins

The flower has been used by worldwide cultures as a symbol of beauty and grace. It was believed to represent the soul and was often given as a sign of respect. This pretty bloom has a long history of symbolism. Ancient Egyptians used it as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite gave birth to her son from the petals of this flower. And in Hinduism, the god Vishnu took the form of a bird of paradise to protect his wife, Lakshmi. Today, the flower is still a symbol of love and romance.

Bird of Paradise Meaning and Symbolism

Using a flower to represent your feelings may seem odd, but the bird of paradise has a lot going for it. Its bright red color stands out against any background. This characteristic makes it easy to see even in a large bouquet. Its feather-like shape adds an elegant touch to any arrangement. And its exotic appearance will make anyone stop and take notice.

Bird of paradise meaning and symbolism has a strong connection with love, friendship, and loyalty. It symbolizes romance, devotion, and affection. If you want to send someone this flower, it would mean that they will always remain loyal to you.

Bird of Paradise Meaning and Symbolism

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Sign of Freedom

Bird of Paradise meaning and symbolism is tightly connected to freedom from worries, fears, and anxieties. It blooms only once every five years, so this is an excellent opportunity to show someone you care!

Sign of Royalty

The bird of paradise has long been associated with royalty and nobility. The ancient Egyptians used it as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The Romans believed that the flower represented Venus, the goddess of love. Today, the bird of paradise is still considered a symbol of beauty and elegance.

Sign of Success and Excellence

This stunning bloom has a long history of being used as a symbol of success and excellence. Ancient Egyptians and Romans used it as a symbol of victory and power. The Greeks called them “the flowers of Hera” because they were said to bloom only at her altars. The Chinese believed that if you saw one, you would become wealthy.

Sign of Paradise

The Strelitzia has long been used in weddings and other celebrations. It symbolizes love and happiness.

Bird of paradise meaning and symbolism

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Bird of Paradise Flower Symbolism Colors

The colors associated with this flower symbolize:

  • Red – Passionate Love
  • Blue – Thoughtful Intelligence
  • Yellow – Faithfulness
  • Pink – Beauty
  • White – Innocence
  • Black – Intimacy

Bird of Paradise Flower Facts

A beautiful flower, the bird of paradise, has long, thin petals that look like feathers. It blooms from January through March.

  • The species name honors Princess Charlotte of Wales, daughter of King George IV. She was born in 1796 and died in 1817.
  • Certain species, such as Strep­tylis reginae, have traditionally been used in traditional medicine for treating diseases caused by bacteria.
  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • The flowers are orange, red, yellow, or even blue and purple
  • Zone: 9 – 12
  • Strelitzias can grow up to 1 meter (3 feet) tall, but some species (Strelitzia Nicolai) may reach 10 meters (33 feet).
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Needs: Average
  • Sun/Shade: Full sun, Partial sun

Uses of the Bird of Paradise Flower throughout History

Many cultures throughout history have used the flower. The ancient Egyptians used it as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. The Greeks and Romans believed the flower had magical powers. In the Middle Ages, people thought the flower would protect them from evil spirits.

In India, the flower was known as “Vishnu’s Lute.” Hindus believe that when the god Vishnu played on his lute, birds fell into the water and created the world.

In Africa, the flower was used by the Zulu tribe as a way to attract women. They would wear necklaces made out of flowers.

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