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How To Say Sorry With Flowers

sorry with flowers

Flowers can convey our feelings in ways that we can’t put into words. Even if we can verbally express our feelings, sometimes it’s just not enough. A good example of that is when we need to say we’re sorry.

All of us have offended someone in some way and need to apologize. However, saying ‘I’m sorry” is just not enough if the offense has been a major one. Combining an apology with certain flowers that mean “I’m sorry” is an ideal way to convey our true sentiment.

Check out these flowers that mean ‘sorry’ so you can use them to help you express an apology and get maximum results.


Pink Roses

Red roses are well-known for being the flower that expresses love. Yellow roses convey the message of “I’m sorry” to someone you love.

A bouquet of yellow roses, with a couple of red roses mixed in, will be a tangible sign that you want a loved one to forgive you.

Blue Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth

Photo by Faith Crabtree

These small blue flowers symbolize peace and will express that you want to make peace with someone you have offended. The vivid blue color of the blooms will be an unexpected delight and will convey sincerity in the apologetic words you speak.



Photo by Jerry Wang

This is a vine that attaches itself and won’t let go. It symbolizes marriage, fidelity, and friendship.

The plant conveys the message of not letting go until all is forgiven. Ideal plant to give to a spouse or best friend after a disagreement. Since the plant is a low-growing, non-blooming green vine, it can be combined in a container with a tall growing blue hyacinth or white tulip for maximum results.

Lily Of The Valley

Peace Lily

Photo by Ali Shah Lakhani

This is a delicate and fragile flower that must be handled with care to survive. It’s like a floral parallel of a relationship between two people.

It’s a symbol of humility and rebirth. Give this flower, along with a verbal apology, to convey your humbleness and desire to start over. You can check how to grow lilies in this article.

Pink Carnations

Pink Carnations

A bouquet of pink carnations means “I’ll never forget you”. Giving pink carnations is a good way to apologize for standing someone up or forgetting a special date.

The flower also expresses gratitude. You are grateful the other person is in your life and you are sorry for momentarily forgetting an important occasion.

Star Of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

This is a pure white flower that symbolizes reconciliation. It’s an uncommon flower that is a good choice to use when making an apology.

The small white blooms are shaped like a star and pair well with other bloom colors to create a bouquet that says “I’m sorry”. The small size of the stems and blooms make them ideal for tucking into a colorful bouquet of roses or to add to a bouquet of blue hyacinths.



Photo by Roma Kaiuk

Sunflowers are happy, cheerful, and playful. Use these apology flowers to bring a smile to the person’s face that you are apologizing to. Great for use when apologizing to a child and is accompanied with a sincere ‘I’m sorry”.

White Orchids

white orchirds

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Orchids are stately beauties and long-living flowers. They symbolize many things but the white ones, in particular, mean “I”m sorry”.

White orchids mean humility, purity, and safety. It conveys the message that asks for forgiveness and promises pure motives and a safe relationship in the future.

White Tulips

White Tulips

Photo by Summer Rune

White tulips are considered to be happy flowers and the white color is the symbol of peace. They will convey the message to the offended person that you want to make peace and be happy together again.

If the person is someone you love, tuck in a red rose to express love and to add color to a bouquet of white tulips.

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