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Orchid meaning and symbolism

Orchid Meaning and Symbolism

Orchids are one of the most popular decorative plants in the world. These beautiful and striking flowers come in many different colors. They have a long history of being used symbolically in art, culture, and everyday life. The symbolic nature of orchids varies depending on the culture and the context of their use. Let’s take a closer look at the true orchid meaning.

White orchidWhat Do Orchids Symbolize?

The popularity of orchids means that they have been historically used to symbolize different things. For example, in ancient Greece, orchids were associated with fertility; ancient Greeks placed orchid plants in their homes in the hopes of increasing their chances for children.

In the 19th century, the symbolic meaning of orchids shifted considerably. The Victorians saw orchids as an elegant, luxurious flower. Orchids were frequently depicted in upper-class portraits to symbolize different facets of the person being portrayed. Pink orchids, for instance, were commonly used in pictures of children or young women in wealthy families to express innocence and humility. White orchids were considered a classic symbol of elegance and refinement.

pink orchids

Photo by Petra Keßler

Types of Orchids and Their Meanings

Many of the symbolic meanings for orchids today can be traced back to the Victorian era. Today, however, orchids come in a much wider variety of colors, which allows for a greater range of symbolism.

Here are the most common orchid colors, orchid meanings and what they symbolize:

Pink Orchid

Innocence, femininity, pure joy

White Orchid

Elegance, humility, purity

white orchirds

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Purple Orchid

Dignity, respect, royalty

Purple orchid

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger

Red Orchid

Passion, strength, courage

Yellow Orchid

Friendship, renewed relationships, happiness


Green Orchid

Good health, good luck, long life

Orange Orchid

Pride, inner strength, daringness

The exact meaning of orchids can even vary depending on the context. For instance, orchids are a considerably popular plant for funeral arrangements due to their beauty and dignity; combining this context with orchid symbolism can result in a meaningful bouquet of flowers that may bring solace to the bereaved.

Orchids have been a popular flowering plant for thousands of years and they will continue to fascinate and inspire anyone with an interest in flower symbolism.

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