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Best Housewarming Flowers

Best Housewarming Flowers

When a loved one is making a big move in their life, it’s only natural to want to celebrate with the best of the best. And while most may see them as simply a pleasant view, a bouquet may be the best gift you can give; more than just a simple decoration, they are also a way of expressing your thoughts and feelings to the person in question – no words necessary.

The concept of flower symbolism originated in Victorian England, during a time when the lower classes were, at last, being exposed to art, science, and literature and were allowed to explore new and exciting ideas. This practice assigns meanings to flowers and other plants, which can be given as gifts to portray particular messages and emotions. While it isn’t taken quite as seriously as it once was, it’s still fun to use flower symbolism to arrange the perfect bouquet for a loved one. This post will discuss a few flowers and why they would make for an ideal housewarming bouquet.

Best Housewarming Flowers

Photo by Liisi V


When looking at the dahlia, it’s clear to see why they are associated with elegance and grace. With sharp, symmetrical petals of vivid color and soft, tentative air – this flower is the perfect gift not only because it is beautiful but because it inspires.

The dahlia has a powerful cultural and medicinal significance. It was very commonly used as a treatment against epilepsy and diabetes by the Aztecs and was often viewed as a religious symbol.

Due to its propensity for withstanding harsh weather conditions, the dahlia is often associated with strength in the face of adversity. Therefore, it is usually given to represent celebration and congratulations – making them the perfect housewarming flowers.




Goldenrods, aptly named, are flowers that bloom vertically in a bright golden yellow; their soft – yet challenging – petals can make one feel more connected with nature. They can grow up to four feet tall, with stems that seemingly want to touch the sky – because of this, they are often given as gifts to represent growth and encouragement.

These plants make perfect housewarming flowers due to their solid reputation for alleviating depression and monotony and offering a sense of overwhelming energy and inspiration. And with the stress of unpacking, one could use that motivation!

white lily

Photo by Evie S.


Lily is one of the most popular specie of flowers around – and for a good reason. These beautiful plants are vibrant in color and are native to coastal and tropical regions; they are very commonly found on the Hawaiian islands.

These popular flowers have cropped up many times over the pages of history and are held in very high societal regard. Lilies are widely representative of new beginnings, love, and well wishes and are excellent gifts to give at weddings, graduations, and housewarming gifts.



These beautiful plants – which are native to the coastal regions of North Africa and the Mediterranean – are high in cultural significance. They are not only commonly used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Still, They have also been depicted as being held by important figures of several religions and are viewed as highly sacred.

Myrtle has several symbolic meanings, but the most concrete and widely accepted of them all is that of tranquility and courage and is often given as a symbol for good luck. Perfect for a housewarming bouquet, as moving is always a huge step and requires more than a little bit of good luck!



Valerian flowers, native to Europe and Asia, are an often overlooked flowers that bear timid clusters of petals, usually white or pink – though some strains bear flowers of deep pink. They have been used to treat many illnesses in the past – however, they have fallen out of fashion dramatically over the last few centuries.\

While they have multiple meanings, Valerian flowers’ widely accepted symbolic meaning is that of readiness and vigilance. This flower is well-suited for a housewarming bouquet given that, as a new homeowner, one must prepare to expect the unexpected.

While we have provided some excellent examples of perfect housewarming flowers, there are thousands upon thousands to choose from, with many appearances and symbolic meanings. A bouquet is a special gift from you to the person you love, and focusing too much on the meaning behind the flowers might put you off of the present altogether. It’s best just to have fun and make something beautiful!

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