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Red Roses: Meaning and Symbolism

Red roses

An iconic flower around the world, the red rose never wains in popularity. Thousands of years ago, it became the universal symbol of love, and today, it still holds that honor. Red, the color of passion, combined with the beauty and fragrance of the blooms, creates the perfect flower to represent all things of the heart.

Symbol of Love

Red roses appear in many cultures as a symbol of love and devotion. Their intense color, sweet scent, and shocking ability to inflict pain clearly illustrate all matters of the heart. Red roses, just like love, bring joy, bliss, happiness, and all too often, a sharp stinging ache.


In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of flowers, Chloris, created the rose from the body of a lifeless wood nymph. The gods Apollo, Aphrodite, and Dionysus, all contributed to the transformation of the nymph, giving the new flower creation gifts of joy, splendor, and charm. They declared it “The Queen of Flowers,” and Aphrodite named it Rose.

Later on, Aphrodite, while rushing to the aid of her lover Adonis, scratches herself on a rosebush. Her blood falls onto the white petals, turning the flower red, and turning the red rose into an enduring symbol of passion.

Red roses are associated even more with love with the story of Cupid. After overcoming many trials and tribulations, he marries his love, Psyche. Jupiter showers the lands in red roses in celebration of the union, and thus the rose becomes the symbol of undying love and marriage.

Later on, in early Christian folklore, the red rose becomes the symbol for the virtuous nature of the Virgin Mary. The Rosary is named after the sacredness of roses. In Latin, rosarium means “rose garden.”

Red roses are part of Hindu tradition as well. It is said that the supreme God, Lord Vishnu, used 108 large and 1008 small rose petals to create the Goddess Laxmi. At this moment, red roses became a symbol of divine and sacred beauty.

After this, roses appeared in folklore, plays, sculptures, paintings, and writings around the world as the time-honored symbol of love, beauty, purity, and undying affection. From Shakespeare to Catholic Saints, to political parties, to works of art, the rose retains its powerful symbolism eternally.

Top Five Most Beautiful Red Roses

Chrysler Imperial Red Rose

Majestic and magnificent, the Chrysler Imperial is the perfect gift for a lover. It doesn’t have thorns, either, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your sweetheart.

Imperial Red Rose

Photo by MusicFox Fx

Kashmir Rose

The velvet-soft petals and deep-red coloring proclaim devotion. Blooms are large and eye-catching, standing out even among other roses. This rose is a statement, a declaration of undying love.

Champlain Rose

Brilliant cherry-red with velvety petals, this rose produces irresistible semi-double blooms. Their fragrance is light yet profuse, permeating the world with love.

Hope for Humanity Rose

The perfect rose, bright red, and perfectly formed. Its flawlessness brings hope to all who see it. Shower the world with these roses, and love has to prevail.

Rosa Altissimo

A bit different than the traditional rose, the Rosa Altissimo stuns everyone with its large, spectacularly red petals and a golden center. A rose for those who cast off the standard yet still desire elegance and beauty.