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10 Tropical Flowers for Your Garden

10 Tropical Flowers for Your Garden

Are you looking to bring some of the tropics into your home? Tropical flowers are beautiful, colorful, and uplifting – and look great in vases, bouquets, and gardens. Here are our favorite 10 tropical flowers for your garden:


Anthuriums are one of the most popular types of tropical flowers, and for a good reason. They are beautiful, and they also have a unique look that makes them stand out from other types of tropical flowers. These heart-shaped flowers come in red, pink, white, and purple shades and have a glossy base that makes them shine. The Anthurium is one of the longest-lasting flowers on earth and is known to symbolize hospitality and abundance.

10 Tropical Flowers for Your Garden

Photo by Earl Wilcox

Birds of Paradise

There’s no surprise where these tropical flowers get their name – look at them out of the corner of your eye, and you might accidentally mistake one for a tropical bird! Blooming in shades of blue and orange, the bird of paradise is a dramatic flower bound to stand out in any garden. In Hawaii, these flowers represent magnificence. They are also gifted to represent faithfulness, thoughtfulness, and love.

Hibiscus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Photo by Jessica-Sloan


The Hibiscus flower is the perfect flower to bring light and summer vibes into your environment. Most people will recognize the Hibiscus flower from Hawaiin culture, where it is commonly worn above a woman’s right ear. In Hawaii, this is a sign of relationship availability. Elsewhere around the world, the Hibiscus symbolizes feminine beauty and is often seen as a way to honor life. This delicate flower blooms in shades of hot reds, cool pinks, rich purples, whites, and even yellows.

10 Tropical Flowers for Your Garden

Blue Passion Flower

Native to Brazil and Argentina, the Blue Passion Flower is a vining perennial that is more purple than blue. The flower is known to grow small yellow fruits that are said to resemble the flavor of an apricot, and for this reason, they are commonly used in tea.

While it’s no surprise that the blue passion flower can represent passion, it also takes on a much deeper meaning. More specifically, the name “passion flower” is derived from the crucifixion of Jesus. The filaments of the flower are said to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore. The three stigmas on the flowers are said to represent the three nails that held Jesus to the cross.


Photo by ross-domke


Known for its trumpet-like blooms, the Amaryllis flower is among one of the most beautiful tropical flowers. When growing the Amaryllis flower, you have a range of color selections from red, pink, yellow, orange, white, and green. Grow them properly, and you can have stunning flowers with blooms up to an impressive 23 cm in diameter!

Amaryllis is a Greek word meaning “to sparkle.” They are commonly seen as a symbol of pride, determination, and strength, making them the perfect graduation gift!



If you’re looking to add a focal point to your garden, the Chrysanthemum is a good choice. These blooms, made up of many small florets, have multiple layers, giving them a full and ruffled effect.

Native to East Asia, these flowers are more commonly referred to as “mums.” They have long been known for their medicinal properties. Many people like to drink Chrysanthemums in tea or even take them in supplement form. They are said to aid in healing a variety of ailments, including chest pain, fever, headaches, and even diabetes symptoms.

Heliconia Rostrata

Photo by roberto-huczek

Heliconia Rostrata

Native to Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Ecuador, the Heliconia Rostrata is often called the “false bird of paradise.” Not surprisingly, this comes from the fact that it looks very similar to the Bird of Paradise flower and is commonly mistaken. However, you may also hear the Heliconia Rostrata go by the name “hanging lobster claw” due to its unique claw-like appearance.

What makes these flowers so unique is their appearance and the fact that their flowers are hidden. Those “claws,” also referred to as “bracts,” hide the tiny little flowers of the plant inside. The flower is said to represent youth and pride and is one that will surely stand out among the rest!

10 Tropical Flowers for Your Garden


Available in almost any color you can think of, the orchid is an elegant flower that is native to the tropical regions of Asia and Australia. There are currently over 20 000 different species of orchids worldwide, one of the most popular being the “moth” orchids.

In history, the orchid has long been a symbol of sexuality and fertility. In fact, in Ancient Greek times, it was believed that you could choose the sex of your baby by eating an orchid. Fleshier tubers eaten by fathers were believed to equate to a male baby. In comparison, thinner tubers eaten by mothers were believed to lead to a female baby.

Today orchids are still said to represent sexuality and passion.

Chenille plant

Unlike many flowers on this list that grow beautiful and blossoming blooms, the chenille plant takes on its unique appearance. Rather than blooming into a bouquet, the Chenille plant is known for its caterpillar-like pendulums that droop downwards. These flowers are generally fuzzy and red and can grow up to 18 inches.

It’s important to note that the Chenille Plant is considered mildly toxic, so it’s important to keep it away from housepets. With that being said, it’s also commonly used in herbal medicines worldwide to treat things like leprosy, hemoptysis, and lung ailments.

Angels Trumpet

Photo by kier-in-sight

Angels Trumpet

A drooping bell-shaped flower, Angel’s Trumpet is not only stunning to look at but also gives off one of the most beautiful tropical fragrances of all flowers on this list. It comes in peach, yellow, pink, orange, and white shades and is bound to bring some sunshine into your garden.

The Angels Trumpet is said to symbolize transformation and rebirth and therefore is a common flower to give at funerals. With that being said, its beauty and symbolism can transfer to almost any aspect of life. It can be gifted to anyone looking to transform.