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The violet flower: Tips and How to Grow it


The violet (Viola) is a cool-season plant that has bloom markings that make the flower look like a smiling face. This happy little plant is easy to grow and can provide bloom color in early spring and aging in the fall. In climates with mild winters, violets may remain in bloom throughout the winter. Growing violets is easy, the plants are maintenance-free and practically grow themselves. Use these tips for successfully planting and growing violets in your garden. [embed][/embed] Planting Location Select a planting location that will be in full sun during the early spring months. Violets, which are closely related to pansies, grow and bloom while the weather is still cool but the plants need plenty of sunlight to produce their best bloom...

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Rose Color Meanings

meanings of a rose

Roses are one of the most well-loved flowers in the world and it's little wonder when their different colors can symbolize so many different things. One of the most easily recognizable meanings of the rose flower is the symbol of love by giving a red rose, but there are so many other rose color meanings. In this article we are going to be exploring the meaning of rose colors, allowing us to gain a deepened love for these beautiful flowers. Rose Color Meanings [embed][/embed] Red Rose Meaning As we mentioned, the red rose is a symbol of love. Giving these to your significant other holds a deep sense of romanticism and is a beautiful way to express your feelings for that special someone. This...

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Poisonous Flowers; Beautiful, But Deadly

poisonous flowers

Even the hardest of hearts love a beautiful flower. But did you know some of our most beloved flowers hide deadly secrets? Here's a list of some of the world's most beautiful poisonous flowers. Hemlock (Conium maculatum) If there's one flower that most comes to mind when thinking about poisonous flowers, it's definitely hemlock. It was most famously the poison used to execute Socrates after he was found guilty of morally corrupting the minds of Athens' youth. After drinking some hemlock infused tea, Socrates was asked by his executioner to walk around until his feet felt numb. He then laid down and waited as the numbness crept up his legs and torso until his heart stopped and he died. Not the nicest...

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Flowers That Mean Strength

Flowers that mean strength

During challenging times, it is a struggle to keep our strength up. Seeking strength and fortitude in the beauty of nature and flowers is a great way to boost our inner confidence and give us the courage to continue on. When we are facing hard times, or when someone we love is suffering, discovering flowers that mean strength inspire resilience and buoy the soul. These six flowers symbolize strength, exemplifying the power of nature and the power within ourselves. Gladiolus In Latin, gladiolus means “little sword.” It gets this name due to its' tall spiked, sword-like flower spire and leaves. The entire plant is powerful looking! It said that in Roman times, the gladiolus was the flower of the gladiators. In English,...

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Peace Lily Care: Tips and Advices on how to care for this beautiful plant

Peace Lilly care

Peace lilies are plants that have a powerful meaning. A peace lily symbolizes the rebirth and transcendence of the soul, these plants are considered as a symbol of peace and hope. An interesting fact about them is that peace lilies are usually sent when someone in the family dies as a way to show sympathy. This is a type of plant that is preferred by most plant enthusiasts as it's an adaptable and low-maintenance houseplant. On top of that, they are one of the best plants for indoor environments, many people love peace lilies because they are one of the best choices for cleaning the air, according to NASA, peace lilies can clean the air from toxic gases such as...

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The Anatomy Of A Flower

Flower Anatomy

Have you ever been curious about the anatomy of a flower? There's no delicate way to put this; flowers are the naughty bits of angiosperms (commonly known as flowering plants) whose primary use is for sexual reproduction. Sure, they look beautiful to people and attractive to bees and butterflies, but their primary purpose is as sexual organs. And even though flowers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, nearly all of them have the same basic anatomy. Parts of a flower diagram This is a diagram of the parts of a flower with the names of all the common organs and structures. The Naughty Bits Let's start with a flower's male organs. The anther is where pollen is produced. Pollen is a...

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Daisy: Meaning and Symbolism

Daisy Meaning

We all know the lover's daisy game where a sad and lovelorn person pulls a daisy petal one by one while reciting, "he loves me, he loves me not". But did you know that daisies have a symbolism all to themselves? The common daisy Many flowers share the name "daisy", but for most of us, the classic flower of lover's games and daisy chains is the European species named Bellis perennis. Interestingly enough, the common name for this species of daisy is bruisewort, or occasionally woundwort, which are both unflattering names for such a pretty flower. This name probably originated with the Romans who would soak bandages in daisy juice and use them to cover wounds. And daisies are still used in...

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Pink Flowers: 12 best flowers + Pictures

Pink is the color of love and compassion and when combined with flowers, it symbolises friendship, affection, harmony and inner piece. When you choose to gift someone pink flowers, you can never go wrong. The meaning of  universal love for oneself or others makes this color the perfect choice for a multitude of situations and life events. The range of hues in nature is varied. From blush pink to magenta, there is a shade for every occasion. Pink flowers are also a very pretty choice for any wedding bouquets. I chose classic pink roses for my wedding day, look how pretty my wedding bouquet was: Pink is a very versatile color which is sometimes considered a neutral color. However, the selection of...

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Purple Flowers: best types of flowering plants with pictures

Purple Flower

Purple and green make an excellent color combination and the color combo reduces stress. Bold and royal shades of purple mixed in with other bloom colors create striking contrast in the flower garden. There are many different purple flowers to choose from with bloom hues that range from pale lilac to deep violet. The sizes also range from a few inches tall to vines that can span 30-feet in length when mature. Check out some of these purple flower varieties and their growing habits so you can select some that are just right for your landscape. Alliums (Allium giganteum) Alliums are also known as blooming onions and make a perfect bridge flower to help keep things blooming with purple color from early spring through...

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Daffodils: Meaning and Symbolism

Daffodil Meaning

When I think about daffodils, the first thing that comes to mind is springtime. Long walks in the prairies, that crisp morning air that brings joy and peacefulness, the symmetrical look of freshly cut grass and the white and yellow daffodils. This is how I remember my childhood. I feel a sense of attachment to such a delicate flower and its main meaning, a fresh start, perfectly intertwines with my younger-self memories. Let's discover together the daffodil's meaning and symbolism. [caption id="attachment_1113" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Photo by Mat Reding[/caption] The daffodil symbolizes new beginning and rebirth. It's the flower of second chances, of new opportunities. It's the symbol of hope. In a religious context, the daffodil is associated with Lent, often called the...

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