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Red Roses: Meaning and Symbolism

Red roses

An iconic flower around the world, the red rose never wains in popularity. Thousands of years ago, it became the universal symbol of love, and today, it still holds that honor. Red, the color of passion, combined with the beauty and fragrance of the blooms, creates the perfect flower to represent all things of the heart. Symbol of Love Red roses appear in many cultures as a symbol of love and devotion. Their intense color, sweet scent, and shocking ability to inflict pain clearly illustrate all matters of the heart. Red roses, just like love, bring joy, bliss, happiness, and all too often, a sharp stinging ache. [embed][/embed]   In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess of flowers, Chloris, created the rose from the body...

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Hydrangea meaning and Symbolism


Hydrangeas were originally discovered in Japan. Translated into English, the meaning of the Hydrangea roughly translates to “water barrel” as a nod to the flower's large, cup-like shape and their need for plenty of water. Its undeniable beauty makes hydrangea a lovely addition to any bouquet or garden. [caption id="attachment_1120" align="aligncenter" width="2400"] Photo by Gaetano Cessati[/caption] Hydrangea Meaning Hydrangeas' meaning can be traced back to Japanese culture. According to legend, the hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotion and understanding. It is said that a Japanese emperor gifted hydrangea to the family of a woman he loved as an apology for choosing his business over her. In the Victorian era, hydrangeas were viewed as flowers that were boastful, vain, and pompous. This negative connotation might have been...

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How To Grow Lilies (Lilium)

Orange Lilies

Everyone loves lilies and they are very easy to grow in a home garden. The name ‘lily’ encompasses all varieties of these lovely flowers that come in a wide range of bloom color, flower shape, bloom time, and mature size. Whatever variety of lily you want to grow, the needs of this showy perennial plant will all be the same. Use these tips for successfully growing lilies. Planting Location [embed][/embed] Select a planting location for lilies in a sunny location that has moist, well-draining soil. Gardening folklore will help you select the right planting location for the lilies - plant lilies in a location that will put their head in the sun and feet in the shade. A sunny location will put their head in the...

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Red Flowers: 11 Types and What They Mean

Red Flowers

As the number one flower-giving holiday approaches, knowing what different types of red flowers mean will be beneficial when you go to the florist shop. Valentine’s Day is all about love, hearts, and red flowers. But each red flower carries a unique meaning. To convey the right sentiment to the floral recipient on Valentine’s Day or any other flower-giving occasion you will need to know the meaning of red flowers. Read on to discover 11 types of popular red flowers and what they mean. Amaryllis [embed][/embed] This red flower was named after a Greek maiden and red amaryllis represents determination, pride, and beauty. Receiving these red flowers convey the message of passion, attraction, and  developing love. Amaryllis are tall and sturdy height so they also...

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Best bamboo plants for your garden

Bamboo forest

Bamboo is a plant that you can love and hate at the same time. Bamboos are versatile plants that can be used for multiple benefits and purposes. They not only provide you tons of shade, they also provide beauty provided that you grow them at the correct places. Bamboo plants come in more than 1000 species so it’s a tricky thing to choose the right one for your garden. Thankfully, we have narrowed down the choices for the best ones available for you and your garden. Phyllostachys edulis [embed][/embed] One of the fastest-growing Bamboo plants out there, the timber bamboo that originates from China is a great choice for our garden. We should warn you. Edulis has insane growth, and they will totally crowd...

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How to Grow Plants Vertically

Vertical Farms from Eden Green

Whether you are a casual enthusiast of houseplants or an experienced crop farmer, the process of growing plants is essentially the same across all species of plants. The planter buys a pot and puts soil inside of it or in the farmer’s case, they plow and nurture the land to create fertile soil. Then a seed is placed within the soil, the seed is watered, a sprout appears, and it continues to grow until it is a mature plant. The foundational similarities of the growing process of plants is that on the surface, the soil is horizontal and flat. This layout limits the space and the number of plants that can be grown in a single area. However, there is a...

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Peonies: tips and advices on how to grow them

Pink Peony

Peonies have many great qualities that make them a springtime favorite - peonies are perennial, very fragrant, produce large blooms, are long-lasting cut flowers, low-maintenance, make ideal green foliage plants throughout the summer, and are easy to divide and transplant. It’s hard to find anything negative about this spring beauty so if you have any outdoor planting space, use this guide to plant and grow peonies. You won’t regret it. Choosing the right location Peonies grow best in a sunny location and need at least 6-hours of sunlight every day.  Soil that drains well is also vital to the health of peonies as soggy soil will cause the underground tubers to rot. If you have established peonies that used to produce blooms but no...

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Iris: Meaning and Symbolism


The iris flower is a delicate yet beautiful flower which is loved all over the world. Its natural habitat is across the continent of Asia and often expansively through Afghanistan. However, with its simple beauty, this flower has become popular all over the world and in non-native countries, is now often grown using a bulb. This small indigo, white and yellow bloom has a very special meaning and we are going to be exploring its significance a little deeper and the meaning of each variety. [embed][/embed] Iris Flowers around the world The iris flowers makes its first appearance of the year during the springtime, and for many signals the beginning of this beautiful time of year. Despite being a natural flower of the...

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Perfect Perennials: ideal flowers and plants that keep on giving


When it comes to adding color and variety to your garden, planting perennial flowers is a no-brainer. They're colorful, easy to grow, keep coming back for more, and they can be the showpiece of any landscaping project. But What Are Perrenials? Perennials Definition Technically, a perennial is any plant that grows for more than two years, including shrubs and trees. But when it comes to gardening, the term is more commonly used to refer to plants with little or no woody growth - especially small flowering plants - that, once planted, reappear in your garden over many years. (As opposed to annuals and biennials that need to be replanted every year or two years). [embed][/embed] Some Popular Perrenials Geraniums love warm, dry weather and...

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Primrose: How To Grow Primula Vulgaris


Primrose is a small plant with a large garden presence, producing both visual appeal and evening fragrance. The perennial plant is an early spring bloomer that produces a colorful bloom before other plants have come out of dormancy. Under the right growing conditions, primrose can continue to grow and bloom throughout the summer. The brightly-colored, sweet-smelling primrose is ideal for use in garden beds, borders, containers, or for naturalizing areas in the landscape. Under the right growing conditions, primrose will multiply each year and create a carpet of floral color to the landscape. [embed][/embed] Planting Location Select a planting location that has rich humus soil and provides shade from the afternoon sun. Primrose plants like full sun in the spring but they must...

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