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Pink Roses Meaning and Symbolism

Pink Roses Meaning and Symbolism

A rose is often associated with love and affection. Traditionally a pink rose represents friendship, grace, and admiration. Pink roses exemplify peace, and as finding balance and internal harmony is the perfect antidote to anxiety, pink roses can be considered a type of medicine for one’s soul.  

However, did you know that the exact meaning and symbolism of pink roses reside in the hue of their petals?

Pink Roses

The story behind the use of pink roses

The rose originated from ancient China, where they were first cultivated circa 5000 years ago. During the Roman Empire, pink roses would be used to create perfumes and medicines. It was only during the 18th century that roses reached the western world. Josephine, Napoleone Bonaparte’s wife, made Roses famous, who used them to embellish her garden in Paris. Roses grew in all variety of pink shades and are often associated with this historical figure.

Pale Pink Roses

Visually, pale pink roses represent the perfect balance of grace and elegance. The base meaning of this particular hue is to care for someone. To gift a pale pink rose means that you cherish the individual, you feel joy for the relationship, or you want to convey a sense of thankfulness for having this person in your life.

Best used for: Expressing thankfulness.

Pink Roses

Medium-toned pink roses

Medium-toned pink roses are typically used for wedding celebrations or commemorating a special moment. Like the pale pink rose, the medium-toned pink rose can also mean thankfulness and appreciation towards someone or something. Use this medium hue to convey congratulations or happiness for someone’s achievements.

Best used for: Expressing happiness for someone’s achievements.

Dark toned pink roses

The more intense the rose hue, the more expressive the meaning of the rose becomes. Darker colors are associated with a more profound admiration for the person you gift the rose to.

Use a dark-toned pink rose to express your gratitude or admiration towards someone or something. 

Best used for: Expressing admiration towards someone.

Pink Roses Meaning and Symbolism

When to use pink roses

Thank you: a pink rose is a perfect gift to express your gratitude towards someone. As they symbolize happiness for someone’s achievement, choose medium pink roses to celebrate friends and family’s successes.

At weddings: as one of the pink roses’ meanings and symbolism is joy, weddings are the perfect occasions to gift these pretty flowers to newlyweds.

Mother’s day and father’s day: If you want to express thankfulness, a pale pink rose is a right choice. With a double meaning of both thankfulness and joy, pale pink roses are the perfect combo to gift your parents.

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