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Lotus Meaning And Symbolism

Lotus Meaning And Symbolism

The lotus flower is unique. It grows in shallow, murky water with the plant roots planted deeply in the mud below. The bloom submerges into the murky depths each night to re-appear above water the following morning. The petals emerge un-stained and un-harmed after spending the night in muddy water.

The lotus is an ancient flower that originated in Asia. The first recordings of this unique flower dates back to 250 BC. The flower grows naturally in Asia and Australia, and the lotus is the national flower of both India and Vietnam.

This beautiful, unique, and age-old flower is steeped in history and has a wide array of meanings and symbols developed over the centuries. Read on to discover some of the most popular lotus meanings and symbolisms.


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General Meanings and Symbolism

The unique flower symbolizes inner strength, purity, tranquility, modesty and is considered the most sacred plant among various religious beliefs.

* The flower petals re-open one at a time after it emerges from the water. It symbolizes resurrection, new beginnings, detachment from negative surroundings, and reminds people to separate from the things around them that would pollute the soul.

* Lotus is a common funeral flower in some cultures that view death as a new beginning.

* The flower symbolizes overcoming adversity and hardship while still keeping one’s spirit intact.


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Religious Symbolism

The lotus flower is symbolically depicted in many religions and spiritualistic beliefs. The flower symbolizes beauty and resilience.

* Since the flower only grows in swampy, muddy areas, religions use the flower to symbolize the idea that people can come together for one perfect moment to create something beautiful out of horror, destruction, and unrest.

* In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolizes connection and the idea of the universal soul. The belief is that everyone can become perfect and enlightened, and it is just a matter of time until each human reaches the light.

* Buddhists believe that it’s necessary to be reborn thousands of times, just like the lotus flower disappears underwater each night and re-emerges fresh each morning. This symbolizes re-incarnations until the person reaches Nirvana.

* Nirvana seekers use the lotus blooms to symbolize spiritual purification, liberation, purity, and transcendence.

* The blooms symbolizes the singular source of creation in some religions.

* In Feng shui, the lotus symbolizes the embodiment of a mandala, an emblem of the universe with an inner and outer world. The lotus flower has a center point that expands outward like a mandala.

* In feng shui, white is also linked with the metal element. Symbolizing the ability to cut through obstacles in life.

* Hinduism has a mantra that describes the lotus as a symbol of enlightenment.

* Egyptians believe the lotus symbolizes their sun god, Ra, because of how the flower followed the sun’s movement during the day and closed up at night.

* In Sikhism, the belief is just as the lotus flower opens for the sun, so will the person who knows the Lord.

* The flower is an identifying symbol for Jainism.

Lotus Meaning And Symbolism

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Meanings By Flower Color

* White lotus flowers mean purity and transcendence.

* Pink represents feminine energy. Pink lotus blooms are often depicted with feminine deities in Hindu imagery.

* Red lotuses represent fire and energy. The red flowers also symbolize inspiration, passion, and expression.

* Blue lotus blooms are always depicted as being closed. It represents a person who can reach Nirvana but delays it out of compassion for others and a desire to help others.

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