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Larkspur Meaning and Symbolism


Larkspur is a flower that has become synonymous with love and romance. What does Larkspur mean? And why is it called a symbol of love? The name Larkspur comes from the Latin word ‘laudiculosus,’ which means ‘delightful’ or ‘joyous.’ In ancient times, the flower was believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Today, Larkspur is considered a symbol of love because of its association with the heart shape. This pretty flower is also known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’ due to its bright colors and delicate petals.

What Does Larkspur Mean?

The word Larkspur comes from the Latin word larka, meaning “to sing.” This name was given because the flower resembles the shape of a bird singing.

This plant has been used for medicinal uses in the past. It was believed to cure fevers, headaches, and other ailments in ancient times. Today, it is also known to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Larkspur meaning and symbolism

What Regions are Larkspur Native to?

Larkspur is probably the most popular wildflower in North America. It grows in fields, meadows, roadsides, and along streams. These flowers grow best in full sun with rich soil. They require regular watering during dry periods. Are you wondering where Larkspur comes from? If you reside in California, you probably already know that the state has over 200 native plants. But were you aware that some of these plants are also found in other regions?

The genus name Larkspur (Delphinium) refers to the birdlike shape of its flowers. This plant was originally named after the European lark, so it is sometimes called Delphinium larkspur.

There are several species of larkspurs, and they are found across North America. They are often known as wildflowers because they bloom during springtime.

When is Larkspur in Season?

Larkspur seeds will germinate during the spring and grow until the coldest weather arrives in autumn. Then they will stop growing and enter dormancy. When warm weather returns in the spring, they will emerge from hibernation and resume growing. Their blooms continue to flourish throught the summer and larkspur become July’s birth flower.

Larkspur meaning and symbolism

Larkspur Meaning and Symbolism

Larkspur flowers hold symbolic meanings ranging from grace and respectability to first love and happiness. Their colors vary the meaning of this sleek flower.

Larkspur flowers are often associated with love and romance. They symbolize purity, innocence, and beauty. They also represent friendship and loyalty. In addition to its plethora of meanings, this flower can be used for healing purposes. It can help people who suffer from depression and anxiety. 

Larkspur meaning and symbolism

Larkspur – Color meaning

  • White

White larkspurs are symbols of purity and innocence. We can usually find them at weddings and baptisms, and we gift them to people who just had a baby. You don’t have to be restricted by their symbolic meanings; people combine them with other flowers to deliver messages of virtue and integrity.

  • Blue

Blue Larkspur flowers are symbols of support and trust. They’re perfect for people who need to feel appreciated and supported.

  • Purple

Purple is a little more unusual than most colors. It symbolizes royalty, spirituality, and beauty. The purple larkspur flower is a sign of love and shows someone how special they are. A gorgeous larkspur flower goes beautifully with the bright purple color, giving off the impression of uniqueness and caring for this person.

  • Pink

Pink symbolizes romance and gentle emotions. The pink Larkspurs flower is a perfect gift to give to someone you love and who represents an important part of your life. This person should be somebody you love, but it does not have to be in a romantically loving way. Love has many different shapes and forms, which this lovely flower could perfectly express.

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