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Ultimate Guide About Anniversary Flowers

Ultimate Guide About Anniversary Flowers

Wedding anniversaries are special. They are milestones in the life of the married couple and deserve to be recognized and celebrated. Certain gifts are associated with anniversaries, like paper, which symbolizes both strength and fragility, for the first year’s anniversary gift.

Each wedding anniversary has a flower to commemorate the special occasion, and each flower has a unique meaning. Read this ultimate guide about anniversary flowers, so you always know the proper flower to give as an anniversary gift.

gold carnations

1st Anniversary – Carnations

The 1st wedding anniversary is a time of excitement and joy. Carnations have a vibrant, fresh, and youthful appearance that makes them the traditional flower for the 1st anniversary.

Carnations symbolize young, passionate love; they’re perfect for newlyweds! Dark red blooms mean love and affection, white blooms mean innocence and purity.


Photo by mathew-schwartz

2nd Anniversary – Cosmos

Cosmos are the traditional flowers to be given on the 2nd anniversary. Cosmos symbolize harmony, order, and joy in love and life. The honeymoon phase is over by the 2nd year of marriage, and couples have developed a comfortable routine and genuine understanding of each other.


Photo by Roma Kaiuk

3rd Anniversary – Sunflowers

These solid and tall flowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Sunflowers are the traditional flower to represent the 3rd wedding anniversary. The vibrant and cheerful nature is sure to bring a smile to the couple’s face.


Photo by Miguel Ángel Escalera

4th Anniversary – Geranium

Geraniums are the traditional flower for the 4th anniversary that represent two people coming together in mind, body, and spirit. The meaning of geranium is happiness and positive emotions.

Daisy Meaning

5th Anniversary – Daisies

Daisies are two flowers that work together in perfect harmony, and the daisy has long been a symbol of true love between two people. These flowers are perfect for giving on the 5th anniversary. White daisies mean purity and innocence, red blooms mean love and romance, pink blooms mean affection.

Flower Anatomy

6th Anniversary – Calla Lilies

These pretty white flowers are often used in bridal bouquets as they symbolize love. Ideal for giving on the 6th year of marriage represents how your love has grown and still abides.


Photo by mariola grobelska

7th Anniversary – Freesia

Lovely fragrant flowers that have different meanings, depending on the bloom color. The flowers are symbols of trust, thoughtfulness, friendship, and sweetness between a couple.

Red freesia blooms are the most fragrant and symbolize passion and love.

White blooms symbolize innocence, purity, and trust. Pink blooms symbolize femininity; yellow freesia blooms symbolize joy and renewal.


Photo by dusan-veverkolog

8th Anniversary – Clematis

Clematis creates a robust and inter-twining vine that produces an abundance of fragrant blooms.

The pink and purple clematis flower is the traditional flower for the 8th anniversary year and symbolizes the linking of two minds.


9th Anniversary – Poppies

The vibrant red color of poppies symbolizes remembrance, hope, and imagination. They are the traditional flower for the 9th anniversary and mean a time to reflect on what the couple has been through with an eye towards the future together.

Daffodil Meaning

Photo by Anita Sue

10th Anniversary – Daffodils

This anniversary is a huge milestone for a couple and needs a classic flower to represent it. Daffodils produce bright yellow blooms that are as radiant as the love the couple shares with each other. Daffodils are solid and resilient, just like the couple celebrating ten years of marriage.

Multi color roses

Photo by Waldemar Brandt

15th Anniversary – Rose

No other flower symbolizes love and passion as much as the classic red rose. Commemorate the 15th anniversary with a bouquet of red roses.


20th Anniversary – Aster

The blue aster blooms are unique flowers that mean love and wisdom. Perfect flower to celebrate the amazing love you have for each other.


25th Anniversary – Iris

These tall, vibrant flowers will perfectly represent a robust and bright relationship that has endured 25 years. Come in several blooms colors and emit a sweet fragrance.


Photo by Aaron Burden

50th Anniversary

Two flowers represent this major accomplishment in a couple’s life: yellow roses and violets. Their complementary colors look stunning together and mean a couple who support and complement each other perfectly.

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