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September Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

September Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

Asters are the official birth flower for those born in September. And just like the flower, they shine when everyone around them is beginning to fade. Asters are fragrant daisy-like perennials that bloom in the fall when many summer flowers are fading. The fall flower provides late-season nectar for pollinators and colorful beauty in the landscape.

Asters are composite flowers, which means they are made of a central core of tiny flowerheads surrounded by long petals. This trait may provide some insight into the personality of those born in September – they have a grounded center with many smaller interests that grow from their central core.


Photo by markus-spiske

This September bloom is also one of the most vibrant flowers of fall. It’s a colorful wildflower with bloom colors ranging from white to red, but the most popular bloom color is blue. Very few flowers produce true blue blooms, which will provide another glimpse into the personality trait of a September-born person – they are genuine and unique.

Meaning Of Asters

As the September birth flower, asters carry the general meaning of wisdom, courage, royalty, innocence, purity, daintiness, elegance, and faith. Giving someone a bouquet of asters conveys the message of good luck. They are perfect for giving to someone who is embarking on a new challenge.

The varying bloom colors also add to the general meaning.

* White asters mean purity and innocence, and new beginnings.

* Red blooms mean undying devotion.

* Pink blooms mean love, feminity, and sensitivity.

* Yellow asters means joy, optimism, positive energy, and support.

* Blue aster flowers mean stability, calmness, depth, and faith.


Legends Of The Aster

* In Greek, the word aster means star, and their legend says the aster flower was born from the sadness of the Greek goddess, Astraea, about how few stars were in the sky. One night, she started to cry because she was upset. As the tears streamed down her face and hit the ground, they turned into beautiful star-shaped aster flowers.

* A Cherokee legend says that the aster symbolizes a blue fringed dress worn by two sisters who escaped to the forest to avoid fighting tribes.

Uses Of The Plant

* The ancient Greeks used to burn the leaves of the aster plants, believing that the fragrant smoke would ward off evil spirits and snakes. This is why asters were commonly grown around homes.

* The ancient Greeks made an ointment from asters to heal the effects of a bite from a mad dog.

* In two European Countries, Germany and England, it was believed that aster flowers held magical powers. This is why aster flowers are used in magical potions and spells.

* In France, asters are known as the eye of Christ. Bunches of asters were placed on the graves of fallen soldiers to represent the desire for a different outcome for the battle and that the soldier was still alive.

* Asters boiled in wine and placed near a beehive were thought to improve the flavor of honey.

* The plants are often used in Chinese herbal remedies.

* Parts of the plant are commonly used in holistic medicine as a decongestant, antispasmodic, and to relax the lungs. Remedies using asters have been helpful in treating seasonal allergies, common colds, and chronic asthma.

* In the United States, the aster is the September birth flower and the official flower for the 20th wedding anniversary.

* Farmers and home gardeners often plant the flowers as a fall cover crop to feed pollinators and protect the soil from erosion during the winter. The floral color also adds beauty to the landscape late in the season when other flowers have ceased blooming.