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June Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

 June Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

Flowers have always been, and probably always will be, a great substitute for words. The bloom colors and fragrance enhance the giver’s message. Every flower has a meaning, and every month has a birth flower.

If you wish to convey certain emotions, thoughts, or moods to the recipient, discover  June birth flowers and their meaning. These flowers will hold a special meaning to the recipient and be able to convey more to them than any words you could say.

Photo by Eva Andreeva

Rose And Honeysuckle

June has two of the most fragrant flowers as its’ birth flower. Those born in this month will always prefer to receive flowers that have a strong fragrance rather than those with a showy bloom and no fragrance.

* Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give and to grow. The fragrant beauty is also used as the subject of poems and songs, plus it’s been used as a name for girls for centuries. There are more meanings for this flower than you can count and more varieties that can be named.

These flowers range from heirloom varieties to modern day hybrids. Some of the shrubs climb, some form bushes or trees, and some miniature varieties never grow above one foot tall. The rose blooms can be single petal, double petaled, or pom-pom style. The stems can be long, short, covered with thorns, or thornless.

* Honeysuckle is a shrub that grows wild along the edges of woodland areas. The small, trumpet-shaped flowers emit a scent of honey. The flowers can be yellow or orange, they are edible and have the flavor of honey.

The shrub will form a long vine that will intertwine itself around nearby trees if it’s left unpruned. The vining shrub is heat and drought tolerant and the fragrant flower clusters provide an abundant food supply to pollinators.

The name of the plant came from the way birds and other pollinators extract the honey-flavored nectar from the tube-shaped flowers – they appear to be suckling at the blooms.

Pink Rose

Rose Meaning

Each color of rose bloom holds a different meaning and will convey a different message to the recipient. The giving of a single rose amplifies the meaning.

* Red roses mean love and passion. They are typically given to say ‘I Love You’.

* Pink roses mean happiness.

* Yellow roses mean friendship and joy.

* White roses mean purity, innocence, and youthfulness.

* Blue roses mean mystery and achieving the impossible.

* Purple roses mean enchantment, splendor, wonder, and mystery.

* Black roses mean death.

*  A bouquet of roses means you are grateful.


Honeysuckle Meaning

The honeysuckle vine and flowers have many different meanings that span centuries and cultures.

* The sunny yellow, pink, white, or orange blooms have meant happiness down through the ages.

* Due to the plant being around for centuries, it also means a longing for things of old. A fond memory of young love or joys of days gone by.

* It means a strong bond of everlasting love. This meaning stems from the fact that a honeysuckle vine is almost impossible to destroy once it has become established.

* The blooms mean affection and sweetness.


Health Benefits

Both roses and honeysuckle are widely used to improve health.

* Tea made from rose petals or rose hips contains powerful antioxidants and is said to boost the immune system, reduce stress, aid in weight loss, and soothe sore throats.

* Rose water is beneficial in the treatment of acne and minor skin irritations.

* Honeysuckle extract is used to treat urinary disorders, headache, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer. It can be applied to the skin to alleviate inflammation and itching, and to kill germs.

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