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Best bamboo plants for your garden

Bamboo forest

Bamboo is a plant that you can love and hate at the same time. Bamboos are versatile plants that can be used for multiple benefits and purposes. They not only provide you tons of shade, they also provide beauty provided that you grow them at the correct places.

Bamboo plants come in more than 1000 species so it’s a tricky thing to choose the right one for your garden. Thankfully, we have narrowed down the choices for the best ones available for you and your garden.

Phyllostachys edulis

One of the fastest-growing Bamboo plants out there, the timber bamboo that originates from China is a great choice for our garden. We should warn you. Edulis has insane growth, and they will totally crowd your garden.

These bamboos reach up to 92 feet in height. They require a lot of watering in the first couple of years.

Phyllostachys nigra

A widely grown bamboo species, the nigra originates from China but is found throughout the world. They are unique looking plants that are stunning in appearance and grow up to 82 ft in height. They have beautiful leaves too. They have a fast growth rate. You need to water them regularly as they consume a lot of it.

Phyllostachys bissextile

These vivid green bamboo plants with dark foliage are quite the lookers and provide impressive shelter as well as a fast and furious growth rate. With above-average watering requirements, you will have to take care of these before they take care of you.

Phyllostachys violascens

Beautiful looking violascens are a great companion should you appreciate their dark-purple, brown and green form. They require a lot of space, and their growth is quite quick too. Water them a lot, so they never starve.

Pseudosasa japonica ‘Tsutsumiana’

This water-hungry yet shorter bamboo is a potential addition to your garden since it is smaller and can be limited to pots rather than the ground. If you have limited space, these are your companions. They originate from Japan and grow quickly.


Bamboo plants share a lot of traits throughout the entirety of their species. They are naturally more demanding in terms of water, but other care is minimum. Most bamboo requires lots of space, but you can find Japonica types that you can easily contain in pots.


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