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Sweet Pea Meaning and Symbolism

Sweet Pea Meaning and Symbolism

“Sweet Pea” isn’t just something we call our children – it’s also a beautiful climbing plant that grows clusters of colorful flowers in pinks, reds, whites, blues, and lavenders. And while the sweet pea is gorgeous to look at, it also has a deeper meaning and symbolism.

What does Sweet Pea Mean?

To understand the meaning of the Sweet Pea, you don’t have to look much further than its scientific name. The scientific name for the Sweet Pea flower is “Lathyrus Odoratus,” which can be translated to “very attractive” and “fragrant.” This breakdown isn’t that surprising given that the Sweet Pea is both of these things! Its beautiful fragrance and appearance have made it a popular choice in many floral arrangements.

The Sweet Pea in History

The Sweet Pea was first discovered in Sicily way back in 1696. It was discovered by a Sicilian monk named F. Kupani, who then brought it back to England. As more and more flower varieties began to appear, it became trendy for its beauty and scent.

It didn’t take long for the Sweet Pea to become a favorite flower of the king. Soon after, it was a wedding and party favorite, with few events missing the opportunity to display the beauty of the Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea Meaning and Symbolism

Sweet Pea Symbolism

In America, the Sweet Pea is the official birth flower of April. Their beautiful and vibrant colors are often associated with feelings of pleasure and happiness. Many people like to give Sweet Peas as a symbol of gratitude or to say thank you. They can also be given as a goodbye to a friend to say, “I enjoyed our time together.”

In history, the sweet pea has also been seen as a sign of truth, strength, and purity and was often given to brides as a good omen (in France).

Some cultures also give the Sweet Pea a more spiritual significance, using it in rituals to bring strength and wisdom or bring love, peace, and happiness.

Many women also choose the Sweet Pea as a tattoo, used to resemble positive memories of a loved one.

Sweet Pea Meaning and Symbolism

Sweet Pea Colours

While the overall symbolism of the Sweet Pea focuses on happiness and blissful pleasure, each color of flower also takes on its meaning:

  • White Sweet Peas represent innocence and purity, making them a common choice for weddings.
  • Red Sweet Peas symbolize passion, desire, and love.
  • Purple Sweet Peas represent pride and loyalty.
  • Orange Sweet Peas represent happiness and excitement.
  • Pink Sweet Peas represent youth.

In conclusion, if you want to add some happiness and bliss to your life, the Sweet Pea is your flower of choice. Sweet peas can be planted in your garden or used in various floral arrangements and bouquets to brighten up your day or mood (or someone else’s)!