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Green Rose Meaning and Symbolism

Green Rose Meaning and Symbolism

The Red Rose. The Pink Rose. The White Rose. The Yellow Rose. Many different colors come to mind when we think of roses, but green is rarely one of them. But the green rose, though only grown in specific areas of the world, comes in all different hues and shades. Still, whether you choose a dark green rose or a lighter green, they all have a similar meaning and symbolism.

The History of the Green Rose

The first time Green Roses were documented in literature date back to the 18th century in China. They were grown in the Forbidden City in the gardens of the Imperial Palace. But as beautiful as these roses were, they weren’t available to the general public. Instead, the only person to have access to them was the Emperor! This color of rose wasn’t introduced to the public until 1856 when they discovered it in a British Nursery.

In more recent folklore, green roses may have also played a role in the happenings of the Underground Railroad. As rumor has it, many Quakes of the 19th century placed green roses in their gardens or yards to signal to runaway slaves that they were part of the Underground Railroad system.

Does the Green Rose Mean Jealousy?

“Jealousy is the green-eyed monster” – an idea brought to life by Shakespeare when colors were commonly associated with emotions. And because many people do still equate jealousy with the color green, it’s not surprising that some might think that the green rose symbolizes jealousy. But this isn’t the case. The symbolism of the green rose couldn’t be any further from that of  “jealousy.”

So what does the Green Rose Symbolize?

Green Rose Meaning and Symbolism

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The Meaning and Symbolism of the Green Rose

The color green, in general, is often associated with life and nature. It’s unsurprising then that many people associate the green rose with things like a rebirth, fertility, and the anticipation of new beginnings.

Of course, like most flowers, the green rose holds more than one meaning. The green rose may also be associated with richness, abundance, and good fortune, depending on who you ask.

The green rose then is a great gift to give to someone looking forward to something in their future. It can be given to someone trying to conceive or to someone looking forward to a new job or business venture. The green rose is also a popular gift for someone who needs some luck to come their way.

The Green Rose in the Home

Because the green rose is associated with life and nature, many people also like to incorporate them throughout their homes. The green rose can help to bring a calming, peaceful effect into an environment and can also be used to attract harmony and good health. Like greenery in nature, the green rose is also said to have a healing effect on both the body and soul.