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December Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

December Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

December has two birth flowers, one of which is not exactly a flower. Holly, which is an evergreen shrub, and Narcissus represent those who are born in December. While the plants are very different, they both have the same basic meaning – hope.

Holly is often used as decor during the Christmas season. The glossy green leaves with pointed edges are the perfect companion for the round, red holly berries. And the Narcissus, commonly called Paperwhites) are also used during December as Holiday decor. Paperwhites are easy to force into bloom even when there’s a foot of snow on the ground.

December birth flowers are as lovely and unique as the people born in this month.


Photo by Alistair MacRobert

Holly Shrubs

Holly shrubs are iconic plants that are easily recognizable. The evergreen produces many red berries that make them symbolic of winter and the Christmas season. The berries also help feed the native birds when little food is available during the winter.

Holly Meaning

* In addition to hope, Holly shrubs mean good luck.

* The pointy leaves mean defence and domestic happiness.

December Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

Photo by Stephen-kraakmo

Holly Symbolism

* All parts of the Holly shrub symbolize Christmas. The branches, leaves, and berries are used to decorate for the season. The shapes of the leaves and berries are used to grace tableware, gift cards, clothing, and many other items associated with Christmas.

* The Celtics consider Holly, the evergreen twin of the mighty oak tree. It is said that the oak tree is the controller of the light half of the year, the Holly tree controls the dark winter months.

* The Celtics also consider the Holly tree to have magical powers. The magic tree was symbolized by a Holly wreath worn as a crown by Celtic chieftains for good luck.

* The Druids considered Holly a symbol of fertility and eternal life.

* Christians use the Holly shrub as a symbol for Christmas. The sharp leaves symbolize the crown of thorns worn by Christ, while the berries symbolize His blood. The evergreen quality of the shrub is a symbol of eternal life.


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The Latin name of the flower is Narcissus Papyraceus and is derived from “papyrus” and “aceus”, meaning “paper-like”. The blooms are white and delicate, resembling tiny pieces of paper, hence the name common name of the flower – Paperwhites.

December Birth Flowers And Their Meaning

Photo by Alex-mihu

Narcissus Meanings

* In addition to hope, the flower means that you want your beloved to stay just the way they are.

* Paperwhites mean an unconditional love for your beloved.

* The white blooms mean hope for future prosperity and wealth.

* The negative meanings of Narcissus are narcissism, egotism, and future misfortune.


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Legend Of Narcissus

Narcissus was a male figure in Greek mythology that was strong, beautiful, and full of arrogance. Women fell in love with him, but he rejected them all. Echo, a wood nymph, became so obsessed with his beauty that she approached him and threw herself upon him in desire. Narcissus was furious and spurned her affections so viciously that she wandered the woods in despair until all that was left of her was her voice. When the goddess Nemesis discovered what had happened, she punished Narcissus to avenge Echo’s death. One day, while Narcissus was hunting, he saw his reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with his reflection. But when he realized that he couldn’t have the object of his desire, he committed suicide. A bed of flowers grew from his remains in the ground. Those flowers were called Narcissus.

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