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3 best Ted Talks about gardening in small spaces

Garden with flowers

Growing flowers in small space in a challenge for anyone living in the city, in an apartment or otherwise small place.

When I was living in London, United Kingdom, I thought that the idea of gardening was inaccessible for city dwellers. I was so immersed in the every day grind of my city life that I associated gardening with the luxury of living in the countryside.

How wrong was I?

A while back, I read this article in a magazine about how growing even a tiny portion of your own food would help the environment. Unconvinced about the association of small spaces and growing plants, I tried with some herbs. I started with basil and mint and the result was so satisfying! I continue to these days with more and more plants and flowers. It came to mind that some of you might need a bit of encouragement to venture in this endeavour.

Wether you want to do it for the environment, for promoting wildlife and biodiversity or for the love of organic vegetables and beautiful flowers, go ahead and plant something today.

If after all of the above, you still think you do not have space for flowers and plants, go straight to the third video: there is no excuse! I selected my top three videos about gardening when you do not have a huge garden or a house, in case you need motivation or inspiration to start your green adventure.

A garden in my apartment

How to grow a forest in your backyard

How we can eat our landscape

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