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Ranunculus Meaning and Symbolism

Ranunculus Meaning and Symbolism

Like almost all flowers, the Ranunculus is more than just a beautiful bloom. Gifting someone a Ranunculus takes on a much deeper meaning – and that meaning is deeply rooted in Ancient Lore. Let’s look at the Ranunculus’ Meaning and Symbolism and how it came to be.

The Ranunculus and Persian Symbolism

The legend of the Ranunculus is deeply rooted in Persian Lore. A young prince fell in love with multiple Persian nymphs (female divinities), as legend has it. The prince would sing to the nymphs every night, but night after night, they remained unimpressed.

Now the legend goes on to take two different endings. In the first ending, the nymphs transform the prince into a Ranunculus flower to make him stop singing. The prince dies of sadness and grows a Ranunculus flower from his grave in an alternate ending.

From this legend, the Ranunculus became a symbol of desire. If you were to give the Ranunculus to someone, you had a crush on them.

Ranunculus Meaning and Symbolism

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The Ranunculus and Native Lore

Like most flowers, the Ranunculus takes on more than one meaning. Though it has a history in Persian Lore, the Ranunculus also has a history in Native Lore. Native legend tells the story of a young coyote throwing his eyes up in the sky to play with. During one throw, an Eagle swooped down and grabbed his eyes. Of course, the coyote wasn’t able to see anymore. So to replace his eyes, he grabbed two Ranunculus flowers (also referred to as “buttercup flowers”) to replace them.

Since this story was told, the Ranunculus flower has also become the symbol of careless behavior.

Ranunculus Meaning and Symbolism

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Other Ranunculus Symbolism

In addition to representing careless behavior and desire, the Ranunculus flower also takes on other Symbolism. More specifically, the Ranunculus flower can symbolize charm and attractiveness. Giving a woman a Ranunculus flower tells them that you have a crush on them and that they hold beauty as deep as the flower.

Ranunculus Meaning and Symbolism

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Ranunculus Flower Colours and Symbolism

Like all flowers, the meaning of the Ranunculus can also vary depending on which color of the flower is given:

  • The Orange Ranunculus represents positivity and happiness. It also brings positive energy into your environment.
  • The Red Ranunculus represents passion, love, and romance. They are often given to romantic partners or a crush.
  • The Pink Ranunculus represents love. They are often given to non-romantic loves, such as mothers or friends.
  • The Purple Ranunculus is a sign of beauty and royalty. It can be given to anyone unique and special in your life.
  • The Yellow Ranunculus represents happiness and joy. It’s an excellent gift for anyone in your life.

In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with gifting a Ranunculus. They are beautiful flowers that anyone can appreciate. With that being said, they are a great choice to give to someone you love, respect, or someone that you have a crush on!

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