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Yellow Roses – Meaning & Symbolism

yellow rose

Giving a flower is one of the most meaningful gestures to show one's feelings, thoughts, and emotions. In this article, we help you discover what it means to give a yellow rose. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, optimism, genius, wisdom, and happiness, all inspired by the rose's yellow hue, brilliance, and gold-like purity, as well as the energy and intensity of sunlight. What it means when you give someone a yellow rose [caption id="attachment_1543" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Photo by Felipe Salgado[/caption] Friendship A kinship between two people is perhaps most related to yellow roses. By giving another person a bouquet of yellow roses, we can express gratitude and joy to a friend and celebrate their sincere friendship. Yellow roses are a tribute to a beautiful and true...

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