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Gardenia’s Meaning and Symbolism

Gardenia meaning and symbolism

The intoxicating fragrance, soft white petals, and dark green glossy leaves make gardenias a favorite flower for bouquets and gardens. Gardenias hold second place on the list of the most beautiful flowers, topped only by the popular rose. So,  what's gardenia's meaning and symbolism? Gardenias are exotic flowers that originated in Asia and have been cultivated for over 1,000 years. The essential oils derived from gardenias make perfumes, soap, and other fragrant beauty aids. Gardenias also treat many health issues, like lowering blood pressure, combating inflammation, reducing stress, and improving the mood. The name Gardenia comes from the Latin word “gardens,” which means “a place of pleasure or delight.” The bloom's name was assigned to remember a botanist named Alexander Garden.   It is believed...

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