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Sex And The City Flowers

Sex And The City Flowers

Flowers were worn by all cast members of Sex And The City to convey messages. Carrie Bradshaw made wearing large floral blooms part of her everyday attire. The flower choices were not random; they all meant something. In this article, we list the main flowers used in the 90’s TV series and what they mean:

Blue Rose

The large blue rose brooch worn by Carrie Bradshaw was meant to symbolize the arrival of spring and the possibility of finding new love. During the show’s span, Carrie (Jessica Parker) was seen wearing the eye-catching flower brooch both on and off-screen.

Blue rose

Photo by Sajad Nori

Blue roses symbolize mystery, the impossible, and the unattainable. The unique floral color is perfect for giving to someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves. A blue rose is also ideal for wearing when you want to be a little mysterious.


A bouquet of purple violets was in Carrie Bradshaw’s hand throughout a series of unfortunate incidents in one episode of Sex And The City.

The purple flowers were meant to symbolize disappointment. Carrie’s boyfriend at the time, Petrovsky, had left her alone for the day while he worked. That was her first disappointment of the day as she had anticipated spending the day exploring Paris with Petrovsky.

Violet flower

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That initial disappointment led to a day filled with disappointing events, including Carrie stepping into a pile of dog excrement. She held onto the bouquet of violets throughout the day.

Traditionally in France, violets are the flowers a husband will give to his wife when he has disappointed her. Since the scene was set in Paris, violets were the perfect choice to symbolize the disappointment Carrie was feeling.


Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall, wore a large red dahlia in her hair at the long-awaited wedding of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big.  

Sex And The City Flowers

The dahlia flower stands for wealth and elegance. Since the dahlia was red, the color symbolizes love and involvement. Kim Cattrall has loved Carrie longer than Mr. Big had and had been involved in her life before, during, and after the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

The red dahlia was the perfect floral and color choice to symbolize Samantha and Carrie’s strong bond of friendship. 

Red Roses

Samantha also carried a fiery bouquet of roses in varying shades of red at Carrie and Mr. Big’s wedding. 

The dark red roses were perfect symbols of Samantha’s fiery personality and beauty. Even though it was Carrie’s big day, Samantha’s beauty could not be hidden.

Sex And The City Flowers

Photo by Aleza van der Werff

The red roses symbolize love, beauty, courage, and romance. The on-again, off-again romance between Carrie and Mr. Big is represented perfectly in the rose bouquet’s lighter and darker shades of red.


The bridal bouquet carried by the soon-to-be Mrs. Big contained white gardenias. These exotic flowers are fragrant, stand out against the dark green glossy leaves, and are often used in weddings and bridal bouquets.

Gardenia meaning and symbolism

White gardenias symbolize purity in a relationship. The white flower conveys the message that Carrie hopes Mr.Big will be pure in their relationship after marriage since he had not been during their years of turmoil-filled courtship. The flower also means peace and harmony, which Carrie hopes to have in her marriage to Mr.Big.

White Roses

The bridal bouquet also contained white roses, often used as wedding decor. The flower symbolizes new beginnings and pure love. White roses also symbolize youthfulness, innocence, young love, and loyalty.

White Roses: Meanings and Symbolism

Photo by jelleke-vanooteghem

Mr.Big had betrayed Carrie so many times in the past; the choice of white gardenias and white roses for the bridal bouquet was a floral cry for him to be faithful in their marriage. To remain pure and loyal and love only her as they begin their new life together.

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