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New Baby Flowers

New Baby Flowers

What could be more important to any family than the birth of a new person? New Baby Flowers can be given in the hospital room, during discharge from the hospital, or in the family home, depending on the circumstances. Florists will be happy to advise the newly minted dad, mom, or grandparents on choosing a delightful composition.
So, let’s decide which flowers to bring to a new mother or father?

New Baby Flowers

Photo by Markus-spiske

New baby flower bouquets can consist of one type of flower or many different varieties. The most important thing is to choose flowers to express gratitude to the parents, wish strength to the child, and joy to the family. If someone is going to visit the mother/father and her child, we suggest choosing from the following flowers:

The flowers should be light, pink, beige, cream, blue or white.

A colorful and cheerful bouquet

The birth of a child is a pleasant moment for every new mom/dad. The bouquet you choose should emphasize the joyful nature of this event. What better choice than presenting the woman/man with a colorful one? White and pastel shades, such as powder pink and blue, are ideal for the occasional composition to celebrate the birth of a tiny human being.

If a girl is born, it is a good idea to give flowers to her as well, a bouquet for the mother and the baby is a set of two.
There is one more option you can choose the color of the bouquet to celebrate the birth, depending on the sex of the baby. If you want to keep it traditional and old-fashioned, go for pink and blue. Some families care about details like the bouquet’s flowers and are not totally on board with the woke movement.

New Baby Flowers

Photo by Evie-fjord

Pink bouquets can include:

  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Gerberas
  • Carnations
  • Eustomas
New Baby Flowers

Photo by insung-Yoon

For blue compositions:

  • Roses
  • Irises
  • Marguerites

An excellent solution will be a small bouquet and a plush toy. Of course, the little bay will not understand this sign of attention, but the mother will be pleased.

What flowers should you not choose?

  • New baby flowers bouquets should not have a strong smell, even if it is pleasant. For both the mother and child, this smell can be too irritating.
  • Be sure to exclude flowers whose buds are dyed or chemically enhanced. No chemicals next to the baby and mother should be present.
  • Packaging should be soft, without sharp edges. Ideally, they are fabric-based materials, such as felt
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