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How To Say Thank You With Flowers

How To Say Thank You With Flowers

When someone does something nice for you, it’s customary to say ‘Thank You’. But many times just saying the words is not enough to convey how grateful you really are.

Flowers can express how we feel better than words if we choose the right floral type and bloom color. There are universal floral types and bloom colors that will speak the language of gratitude and are suitable for any occasion on which you want to say  ‘Thank You’.

How To Say Thank You With Flowers

Photo by Summer Quinn


In Japanese culture, the hydrangea flower means “thank you for understanding”.  It’s widely given to convey unity and togetherness within a family and conveys the message of ‘thank you for being there’.

The color of the hydrangea’s blooms deepens the meaning too.

* Blue hydrangea blooms represent the traditional Japanese meaning.

* Pink blooms represent the heartfelt emotion of gratitude.

* White blooms represent an abundance or overflowing of gratitude.

* Purple, a color associated with royalty, represents a wealth of thanksgiving.

Prayer Plant

Photo by Dan Gold

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant folds its leaves up each night and resembles folded hands of someone in prayer. The indoor houseplant symbolizes divine thankfulness and gratitude.

This is a low maintenance houseplant that is ideal for giving to a co-worker or boss to whom you’re thankful for and too. This plant thrives in low light conditions and can take a few days of neglect, making it a perfect indoor plant for an office environment.

The leaves of the plant are variegated with light and dark green colors and red ribs. The plant will bloom small white or purple blooms in the spring.

Red sweat pea

Photo by Raimond Klavins

Sweet Pea

The delicate fragrant blossoms of the sweet pea are often used in floral bouquets to gratitude for any occasion or reason. This flower is often given to a hostess to say ‘Thank You’ for a lovely dinner, party, or another type of social event.

Sweet peas are climbing plants that bear clusters of flowers in a wide variety of colors that  include white, red, pink, blue, and lavender.

Yellow and Orange Lily

Photo by Arie Wubben

Yellow Lilies

Lilies are great flowers to give for almost any occasion, and the yellow lilies say ‘Thank You’ best of all. They are the perfect flower to give to show gratitude for an invitation to any social occasion.

The yellow color symbolizes happiness and cheer to convey the message that you are thankful for the good time you enjoyed with the recipient.

Pink Roses


Roses are one of the loudest speaking flowers in the world. Their fragrant blooms are used to convey a wide range of sentiments, including that of thankfulness.

Peach rose blooms are the more traditional color of rose used to express thanks and gratitude. A bouquet of peach roses is a popular choice for celebrating the close of a business deal. The peach bloom color also represents loyalty.

Dark pink roses are often used to express appreciation and admiration. Light pink rose blooms symbolize femininity and grace, making the choice of pink rose especially suitable for saying thank you to a female.

yellow tulips

Yellow Tulips

Yellow flowers are the preferred choice for saying ‘Thank You’ to any one. The tulip, one of the most recognizable flowers in the world, will express gratitude and thanks to anyone for anything, as long as the bloom color is yellow.

A pot or bouquet of yellow tulips will make a perfect gift to give anyone that you wish to express feelings of thankfulness to. Even a single yellow tulip in a vase of water will show your appreciation to a person, male or female.

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