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Flowers for Your Christmas Holiday Décor

Flowers for Your Christmas Holiday Décor

If you want to spruce up your space this Christmas or are looking for a unique gift for Christmas, consider this set of eye-catching plants and beautiful flowers for your Christmas holiday Décor. Whether you’re planning a party, hosting an intimate family gathering, or want to turn your home into a festive oasis, no decor during the “most wonderful time of the year” is complete without Mother Nature’s floral gifts that add a touch of natural flair.

Start of Bethlehem

To make the star of Bethlehem decorate our home as long as possible, it is worth carefully choosing the plant you buy. First of all, you should check whether it has healthy leaves. It is best to purchase poinsettias directly from the manufacturer or a wholesale or large gardening store. Then you can be sure that it is of good quality. It is not good to buy plants at street stands or Christmas markets because in December, the temperature outside often falls below 0°C, harming the thermophilic plants, which cannot tolerate cold air and freeze quickly. Remember to carefully cover a purchased plant with, for example, paper, and immediately after bringing it home, put it in a more excellent place, e.g., on a window, to spare it the thermal shock. Only after a few days can you move it inside the room.

Flowers for Your Christmas Holiday Décor

The magical atmosphere of a Christmas house is created not only by the star of Bethlehem but also by many other flowers more and more often associated with Christmas, e.g., zygocactus (also called lumpia) blooming at this time of year, amaryllis, azalea, or gillyflower sprinkled with red fruit corals. We are also more willing to invite home flowering bulbous plants, especially hyacinths, to spread a wonderful fragrance around them during the holidays.

Even the more common potted flowers that adorn our interiors daily can be decorated in festive robes. Beads and glistening beads between their leaves, shiny wires winding among the stems, feathers as light as down, and colorful ribbons will give them a festive glow and decorate them like jewelry. As additions, you can also use conifer branches from the garden or other decorative bushes sprinkled with fruit, cones, acorns, nuts, traditional Christmas tree baubles, colorful sequins, and other trinkets.

Christmas trees without needles

A Christmas tree made of heather, ivy, moss, or monstera leaves? Why not. Such a “Christmas tree” is an efficient solution – it doesn’t lose its needles like spruce does and takes up much less space. It can be an exciting addition to Christmas decorations or even replace the traditional tree. The easiest way is to decorate a sizeable potted flower (such as a palm, dracaena, or fig tree).

As a Christmas tree, Araucaria will also be a great Christmas tree. The effect will be more picturesque if we wrap the flower pot with shiny delicate fabric or tissue paper. “Tree” without needles is also easy to make of ivy or other creepers, climbing on a cone-shaped frame formed from thin metal mesh or bamboo sticks.

Flowers for Your Christmas Holiday DécorPlant accents

The unique atmosphere of Christmas is due primarily to the decoration of our homes – a beautifully decorated table, decorations and garlands on fireplaces, front doors, window frames, and chandeliers … So let’s do our best to make everything around us festive and ceremonial on Christmas Eve.

Glitter-painted pinecones, chestnut and acorn chains, and other natural gifts will look great on your Christmas tree. The Star of Bethlehem can shine in a decorative pot and a Christmas wreath. Mistletoe leaves can hang over the table and will also be charming decorations for candles and lanterns. In addition to the sprigs of conifers, holly, dried grasses, flowers, and fruit collected in the garden, shiny glass, beads and beads, ribbons, and wire will also come in handy. I even used roses to spruce up more traditional set ups. The possibilities are infinite!