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The Right Flower By Zodiac Sign

The Right Flower By Zodiac Sign

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a symbol. Most of us are aware of which symbol represents our sign and we may even know a few of the attributes of our sign. However, few people know that each zodiac sign has a flower assigned to it.

Since each zodiac sign has a color, gemstone, and element assigned to it, it’s no surprise that each zodiac sign also has a corresponding flower.

Read on to discover the right flower by zodiac sign so you will know the best flower to grow and give to yourself and which flower to give to loved ones.



The zodiac sign of new beginnings, the right flowers for Aries the ram are honeysuckles.

Honeysuckles develop a strong vine that continues to grow year after year and produces an abundance of fragrant blooms that attract and feed pollinators.


white lily

Photo by Evie S.

The sensual, fragrant lily matches the character of the Taurus bull. Strong, large, and symbol of feminity, rebirth, and love.

Make the Taurus in your life happy with a bouquet of any variety of lily.



Photo by Alfonso-Navarro

Geminis are sociable beings who love purple lavender flowers. Lavender has a long history in spiritual practices and the purple color symbolizes royalty. The strong scent of this flower complements the character of the zodiac twins, Gemini.


White rose

People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer have a sensitive nature. The delicate petals of a white rose are the flower symbol for those born under this sign. This versatile flower comes with a plethora of meanings and symbolism too. For example, the white rose petals represent a blank canvas on which the person can creativity can bloom.



Photo by Roma Kaiuk

Sunflowers are the right flower for this Zodiac sign. Sunflower bloom colors are rich, warm, passionate, and bold, much like the personality of a Leo lion. Sunflowers mean love and longevity and their symbolism is often associated with adoration.

Marigolds are also a favorite of a Leo. Marigolds are in the sunflower family and are often called ‘the herb of the sun’.



Chrysanthemums are the birth flower of Virgos. Chrysanthemums are the last flower to bloom in the season, waiting until all the other flowers have faded before blooming. These flowers produce attractive blooms in a wide range of colors in early autumn.


Blue rose

Photo by Sajad Nori

The scale symbol represents balance, just like their blue rose birth flower. Blue roses are a  symbol of mystery and represent air and life in balance.



The scorpion is shrouded in mystery and darkness and loves the dark red bloom color of geraniums. Scorpios are academic and love a touch of floral glamor that a pot of red geraniums brings into their space.


gold carnations

Those born under this zodiac sign are romantics. Like their birth flower, the carnation, they are strong and beautiful. Known as hopeless romantics and being in love with love, the common weeding flower, carnation, is the right flower for them.


Capricorns are the first to show up, last to leave and work hard in between those times. Pansy flowers are the same. They are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring and will remain in bloom throughout their lifespan. The Sea-Goat is tenacious and loves all colors of pansy flowers.


Orchid Meaning and Symbolism

Photo by Maira Salazar

This Zodiac sign loves orchids. The exotic shape of the plant aligns with the eccentric personality of an Aquarius. The long bloom cycle, delicate appearance, and inner strength of an orchid match the Water Bearer.


water lily

Water Lillies are the right flower for a Pisces. Water Lillies are different than most flowers – their roots are in the water, and they float around all their life. Pisces see life differently and have strong artistic and whimsical talents.

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