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Best Flowers for Graduation

Best Flowers for Graduation

Graduation is a time of celebration. It’s a time for the graduates to be proud of their accomplishments and look forward to the future. And the gifts that we give our graduates should reflect that. Flowers are the perfect gift. But as we know, all flowers have meanings and symbolism, so which ones are the best for a graduation ceremony?

Here are our three favorite graduation flowers:

Best Flowers for Graduation

Photo by Eva Andreeva


Here’s the thing about roses – you can’t go wrong with them. Whether you gift them for a birthday, a holiday, or a graduation, roses fit well with any theme. White roses symbolize new beginnings, so these are a perfect choice for a recent graduate. Yellow roses also symbolize new beginnings but also represent friendships. For this reason, they are a great choice to give a friend on graduation day. Pink roses and orange roses are excellent for celebrations like graduation, symbolizing joy and happiness. Why not combine the two colors for the perfect bouquet of roses? A gift for graduates with a special meaning makes it the perfect thoughtful gift.


Carnations: Meaning and Symbolism


Carnations are a popular flower choice for proms but can also be given as a gift for graduation. They can be given to the graduate in a bouquet or worn as a boutonniere or corsage. Red carnations can show a graduate your admiration towards them, and pink carnations can be given to let a graduate know that they will not be forgotten. The colors of carnation flowers determine the message you send, so ensure it’s the right one.

White carnations can be given as a sign of love. These cheerful flowers are the perfect type of graduation flowers as they symbolize a wish for a bright future for the receiver. Red carnations symbolize the achievement of life milestones. Can you think of a better message to give to a college grad?


Tulips deliver special messages according to their color; these beautiful blooms are the perfect type of flower for special occasions. Tulips come in a wide variety of colors, such as yellow, white, red, purple, blue, and more. The most common tulip varieties include Dutch, American, and Persian. These bright flowers are easy to grow and require little maintenance. If you want to send a message of friendship, then tulips are an ideal choice. Yellow tulips mean “I’m glad I met you” and ” good Luck.”

If you choose to give a lush bouquet of tulips as a special gift, choose red tulips. In Feng Shui, red tulips mean prosperity and wealth. So, this red bright flower arrangement is one of the best choices for graduation flowers for any college graduate.


Peonies are one of the most expensive flowers available they make a beautiful bouquet of flowers and are often used in common flower arrangements. However, if you choose the right variety, you can get a spectacular bloom at a reasonable price. These amazing flowers range from light pink to deep rose pink. Some peonies even have a lavender hue. This means that you can find a peony that matches almost any occasion. You can use peonies to express sympathy, congratulations, or simply because you’re happy to see someone.

Pink peonies are a wonderful way to say thank you or congratulate someone. Yellow peonies are a classic choice for graduations and other important events, and they represent a meaningful gift and perfect congratulatory flower arrangements.


The Amaryllis is a beautiful tropical flower with trumpet-like blooms. They come in many colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, and white, and they are less of a common flower choice for a graduation party. The gift of an Amaryllis bouquet of flowers symbolizes strength, determination, and pride, making them the perfect flower for a graduation gift.

Best Flowers for Graduation

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi

White Lily

Lilies come in a variety of colors, but these beautiful flowers are the perfect flower gift for graduations when you choose their white hue. A white lily is a traditional gift for graduation ceremonies because it represents purity and innocence. A white lilies graduation flower bouquet is a thoughtful way to express your appreciation for a graduate.

What Colour should you Choose?

The reality is that no flower is inappropriate for graduation. Single flowers, flower bouquets, all different types of flowers, and any flower color can make a great graduation gift. Why not try to match your flowers to the school colors? Flowers come in all different colors, so you can choose a selection that matches the colors of the graduates’ school. Matching School/flower colors can make a beautiful gift even more thoughtful.

Go Bright and Bold!

There’s time for soft and gentle colors and bright and bold colors. And what better time to bring light to a party than at graduation? We say choose more colorful flowers and bouquets for this beautiful occasion when in doubt!

Best Flowers for Graduation

Photo by Lan Lin

When Should You Give Graduation Flowers?

The obvious time to give graduation flowers would be on Graduation Day. And while this is a great time to gift flowers, graduation day can also be hectic and chaotic for the graduate. Depending on their personality, you might want to give the flowers early or hold off until graduation is over.

Many people also like to gift graduation flowers the day before graduation, before the ceremony, or after. If you can’t make it to the ceremony, you can also have flowers sent to the graduate within a few days of the ceremony.

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