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6 Perfect Retirement Flowers

6 Perfect Retirement Flowers

Retirement is always a joyous occasion – a day we look forward to from the day we start our first job. Well, most of us, anyway. After putting in a lifetime of labor, the day you can finally sit back and enjoy your life is not to be taken lightly. You must have the best of everything: best food, best friends, the best wine, and – arguably the most important of all – best flowers.

More than just a spectacular view, the perfect flowers arrangement should be steeped in meaning and sentiment; an excellent way to display your pride and happiness for the loved one who is retiring. This post will list 6 perfect retirement flowers that would make for an ideal retirement bouquet!



Irises – which are best known for their blooms of shocking purple, yellow and white – are an excellent choice when arranging a gift for a retiring loved one. They are a gorgeous complement to any bouquet, but they also represent wisdom and experience – something your loved one will have undoubtedly earned a lot of throughout their career! These flowers are a delicate ode to their dedication to the work and are a great way to celebrate!


Amaryllis flowers have the overwhelming reputation of great strength and determination – especially in great adversity – as they tend to thrive in harsh environments and grow significantly taller than their cousins. For this reason, they make an excellent gift for someone who is closing a particularly trying chapter of their life – retirement being one of the most fitting examples of this.


Photo by Nikolay Petrov


Lavender is probably one of the most widely used and revered flowers out there; from cosmetics to perfumes, to incense, oils, extracts, and even home remedies – there is genuinely nothing that lavender isn’t good for. And this goes doubly so when given as a gift, as lavender has many symbolic meanings. Most predominantly, however, lavender represents peace and tranquility, as its friendly appearance and hypnotizing scent have been known to encourage relaxation of the muscles and the mind. This is a perfect way to kick off the beginning of a new and stress-free life!


These beautiful tiny flowers come in colors of soft white, pink, purple, and blue – though they are most commonly found growing in various shades of blue. Overall, the official symbolic meaning of delphiniums is that of respect and goodwill. This is the perfect flower to gift when you want to wish your loved ones well for the future and encourage them by letting them know that they are doing a great job!


These fiery flowers have an equally passionate meaning – like the amaryllis, nasturtiums are commonly found in harsh, almost inhospitable environments. Because of this, they are often associated with courage and conquest: a most fitting gift for someone who has fought their way through a long, hard battle with employment!

6 Perfect Retirement Flowers

Photo by Mat Reding


Daffodils are relished for their delicate beauty and grace and are a staple of any springtime landscape. Due to their bright, sunny demeanor and propensity for being among the earliest to bloom in the season, daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings. Transitioning from a lifetime of work to a lifetime of living is about the freshest and best new beginning!


Photo by Joanna Swan


The zinnia is probably the most notable and sentimental flower found on this list. While most flowers are assumed to be given from a loved one to a loved one, we must also keep in mind that the co-workers of the retired person are losing a good friend as well. We will end this list with the zinnia representing friendship, nostalgia, and lasting affection. To give this flower as a gift is to remind someone never to forget you or the good times that the two of you have had. There truly is no better way to send off a co-worker you love.

To finally retire is an achievement that EVERYONE can be proud of – and there truly is a no better way (apart from words, of course!) to express the pride and joy you feel for a loved one than through a beautiful visual representation. Whether you arrange a bouquet using the flowers from this list or choose flowers that better suit your relationship with the retiring person, it will make a significant impact and leave a smile on their face!

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