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Cactus: Meaning And Symbolism


Cacti are native to any location that is dry and has sandy soil. These unusual plants in the succulent family come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some cacti (called air cacti) grow without soil and the saguaro cactus in the Arizona desert can reach a height of 20-feet and live to be 175 years old. Some cactus produce blooms, some have sharp protruding spines, some grow straight up and others spill over the planter and grow downward. All store water and can survive for long periods without added moisture. Before giving a cactus as a gift, discover the meaning of these attractive, easy-care plants so you won’t stick someone with the wrong plant. You’re Tough Cacti are tough and able...

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How To Grow Lavender in 4 Steps

How to grow Levander in 4 steps

I always loved lavender, its beautiful purple hue, the bushy decorative look. If you ever wondered how to grow lavender in your garden, we have selected 4 easy steps to guide you in creating the perfect lavender garden. Lavender is an easy-care perennial plant that is beautiful and fragrant and can be used in both culinary and medicinal applications. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and grows in almost every climate of the world. Birds, butterflies, and bees are attracted to lavender and it’s a great plant addition to any landscape or garden. Learn how to grow and care for this multi-purpose purple flower with these care tips. Growing Location [embed][/embed] Select a location that is in full sun most of the day and...

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How to Grow Garden Bamboo in 4 Steps

How to Grow Garden Bamboo

Have you ever wondered how to grow garden bamboo? In this article, we will outline the 4 steps you need to take to grow a beautiful bamboo garden. Bamboo is a tall-growing exotic plant that is used for many different things. It can be planted and grown as a living privacy hedge and is used for making furniture, flooring, and several other consumer goods. Growing and caring for bamboo is easy but you must start the plants off right or they can become invasive. Use these tips and learn how to care for bamboo so you can enjoy it without it overtaking your landscape. Select The Right Bamboo Bamboo can grow from 8-feet to 100-feet and can be used to make fishing poles, privacy...

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Best bamboo plants for your garden

Bamboo forest

Bamboo is a plant that you can love and hate at the same time. Bamboos are versatile plants that can be used for multiple benefits and purposes. They not only provide you tons of shade, they also provide beauty provided that you grow them at the correct places. Bamboo plants come in more than 1000 species so it’s a tricky thing to choose the right one for your garden. Thankfully, we have narrowed down the choices for the best ones available for you and your garden. Phyllostachys edulis [embed][/embed] One of the fastest-growing Bamboo plants out there, the timber bamboo that originates from China is a great choice for our garden. We should warn you. Edulis has insane growth, and they will totally crowd...

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